Special Events

Egg Hunt

Due to the COVID-19 situation, Littleton's traditional Egg Hunt and Candy Scramble scheduled for April 11 was canceled. BUT, don’t worry – the Littleton PRCE Department is organizing a “Town-wide Social Distancing Egg Hunt”!

The Social Distancing Egg Hunt aims to get community members outside for fresh air and fun – all while keeping a healthy distance from each other.

So, here’s how it works:

-Create a big colorful egg. Find poster board or paper, and color, paint, draw or collage your egg. You could even create something digitally. Be creative!

-Hang the egg or eggs, up to the number of people in your house, on a front-facing window, door, or somewhere in your yard so egg hunters can see it.

-"Register" your egg! Email a picture of your egg(s) and family name to [email protected] to be used for the daily challenges!

-Get out and “hunt” for all the other eggs in the community.
Post pictures and tag #eggcellent01460 on the following social media accounts.
Facebook: Littleton Parks, Recreation and Community Education
Twitter: Littleton_PRCE
Instagram: littletonprce

We will post daily challenges on this event page!

Littleton residents and businesses - please play along to give kids and families something fun to do during this time of isolation! Please keep eggs up through April 12.

Unite the Night

IT'S TIME TO SHINE LITTLETON!!!! Help us join the campaign to #UnitetheNight. So what is it?

One thing that is certain, the recent events due to the novel virus, COVID-19, have placed a heavy weight and stress on us all. No matter your situation, this crisis has caused you some sort of inconvenience. It has been a rude awakening and some have paid the ultimate price.

It’s times like this where we all need a little unity, a little peace. Times like this where we could all use a little support from one another. We as a town and nation need to remember that we are all in this together. This virus doesn’t care about our race, our gender, our orientation, our political preference… it is affecting us all. Inconveniencing us all. Driving us all apart.

This event was organized this to give us pause, a chance to take a deep breath and realize that no matter what, we need to support each other and work together to beat this thing. This event is an opportunity to reset and remember what we should value most but instead take for granted, life.

Join us in lighting up the night with luminaries to line our streets, sidewalks, and balconies every Sunday night until the stay at home order has been lifted. Stand united, let’s Unite The Night.

Share your photos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for all to see and shine your light, use the #'s


Visit www.Unitethenight.com for ideas and more information!