Permanent Municipal Building Committee

The Permanent Municipal Building Committee is responsible, when authorized by the Board of Selectmen, and/or Town Meeting vote, for investigating and advising the Town regarding the design, construction, reconstruction, alteration or enlargement of all buildings and facilities owned by the Town or constructed on land owned, leased or operated by the Town.

Town Meeting may authorize the appointment of a different and separate building or project committee with respect to a particular project. Current projects with additional members are:

  • Non-voting ex officio members for the Library’s Planning & Design Project are Library Trustees Mark Rambacher, David Sill and the library’s interim director appointed 7/28/14 by Board of Selectmen.
  • Non-voting ex officio members for the Long Store Restoration Project are Historical Commission members Andrew Watt and Linda Stein appointed on 6/23/14 by Board of Selectmen.

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