151 Taylor Street - NEW Application

151 Taylor Street - NEW Application
Applicant and property owner "NBP II Littleton, LLC" has applied for an Aquifer and Water Resource District Special Permit; Major Commercial or Industrial Use Special Permit and Site Plan Review for redevelopment of 151 Taylor Street. The new owner intends to demolish the existing 2-story office building and consturct and operate an industrial warehouse with office space, approximately 159,600 gross square feet of floor area. Application materials for this application are below. Please provide any comments to the Planning Board at your earliest convenience.

For February 10, 2020 Public Hearing:
Feb. 2020 Special Permit Decision
Feb. 7, 2020 Follow Up Peer Review Comment Letter
Feb. 7, 2020 Open Comments Only (worksheet)
Feb. 7, 2020 All Peer Review Comments (worksheet)
Updated Plans 151 Taylor Street - file is large, please be patient
RESPONSE to Peer Review Comments
Peer Review Response Letter
Stormwater Management Report Feb. 3 2020
Stormwater O&M Report Feb 3 2020
Traffic Study Attachments Feb 3 2020
Green Int. Affiliates Peer Review Comments

DRAFT Planning Board Decision for Feb. 10, 2020 151 Taylor St

For January 9, 2020 Public Hearing:
Site Plan Review Cover Letter
Application Book - Site Plan and Special Permits - Project Narrative
Public Hearing Notice - Jan. 9, 2020 Public Hearing
Traffic Impact Assessment/Study
Stormwater Report
NPDES SWPPP (Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan)
Operations & Maintenance Manual

     Full Plan Set - Project Plan Set
     Site Layout and Materials Plan
     Site Utility Plan
     Grading and Drainage Plan

2018 Application Materials, etc:
The Planning Board approved the 2018 application in November 2019. Please see 2019 application materials above for NEW application and Public Hearing on Jan. 9, 2020.

Applicant "151 Taylor DE, LLC c/o The Bulfinch Companies", has applied for a Major Industrial Use Special Permit, an Aquifer and Water Resource District Special Permit and Site Plan for the development of a distribution center at 151 Taylor Street. The applicant intends to demolish the existing two-story office building and construct a 144,600 s.f. distribution center, associated parking, and loading facilitiers. Application materials below (right click and "rotate" to view right-side-up). The Planning Board opened the Public Hearing on Thursday, Sept. 13, 2018; and the Planning Board approved this redevelopment proposal in 2018.

Hearing Notice
Location Map
Cover Letter
Application Forms
Traffic Impact Assessment
Plan 1 Cover Sheet
Plan 2 Existing Conditions
Plan 3 Overall Property Plan
Plan 4 Erosion Control and Demo Plan
Plan 5 Proposed Layout Plan
Plan 6 Proposed Site Plan
Plan 7 Proposed Detail Plan 1
Plan 8 Proposed Detail Plan 2
Planting Plan
Lighting Plan
Stormwater Peer Review 1
Stormwater Peer Review Followup
Architectural Plans 151 Taylor St

New Info for Oct. 4 2018 Public Hearing
Peer Review Letter Site Plan Sept. 2018
Response to Peer Review Letter Sept. 2018
Updated Application Request with Temporary Use
Peer Review Update Oct 3 2018

Decision DRAFT for the November 1 2018 meeting