195 Tahattawan Subdivision - Healy Corner

A Preliminary Subdivision plan for property at 195 Tahattawan Road was filed on October 26, 2018 and subsequently approved on February 7, 2019. The Preliminary layout plans show a conventional layout (density yield plan) and an Open Space plan. The Planning Board discuss a revised open space plan at their June 6, 2019 meeting, noting a preference for this updated plan.

Applications for a Definitive Subdivision and Open Space Special Permit were submitted to the Planning Board on August 19, 2019, and the Public Hearing was duly noticed and opened on September 4, 2019, continued over the course of several meetings, and was closed on June 4, 2020. The Planning Board voted on July 9, 2020 to approve, with conditions. Please see below for detailed information.

Certificate of Decision July 16, 2020

Added June 2020
MacIver LCT Comments June 1 2020
Beam Comments June 2 2020
Rassias Comments June 3 2020
Gallagher PLACES June 4 2020

Added May 2020 
Open Space Modified Layout with Trails May 27 2020
GPR Memo DYP Septic May 2020
Gallagher Comments May 2020
Findlay LCT Comments
Collins SVT Comments
MacIver LCT Comments May 4
A. Green Cons. Coord. Comments
Peeke Comments May 6
Peeke Comments May 7
Open Space Modified Layout Rev. 1
Open Space Modified Layout Rev. 3
Density Yield Plan (DYP) Modified May 11, 2020
Ringwall email re DYP

Added April 2020
Density Yield Plan with Soils Info April 21, 2020
Memo and Soils Info April 2020 
Nelly's Path Trail Head Exhibit Plan April 2020
Peer Review - Density Yield Plan April 2020
Intersection Layout and Signage
Modified Open Space Layout Concept
Littleton Conservation Trust Comments April 17 2020
LCT Additional Comments April 20, 2020
Beam Comments April 21, 2020
Oborski Comments April 21, 2020
Peeke Comments April 22, 2020 Updated

Added March 24, 2020
Peer Review Density Yield
Rev 1 Highlighted Plot Plan

Added Feb. 2020 and March 2020
Transmit new info. March 9, 2020
Density Yield Plan Jan. 17, 2020
Response to Peer Reivew Comments Jan. 9, 2020
Email Thread regarding March 5, 2020 Hearing Date
Peeke Comments Feb. 29, 2020
Peeke Comments Feb. 12, 2020

Definitive Open Space Subdivision
Peer Review 1-9-2020
LCT Comments 1-14-2020

Added 12/19 and 12/20/2019
Density Yield Plan Dec. 2019
Soil Map
Peeke Comments
Gallager Comments re Decision Criteria
Gallager Comments re Density Yield Plan
Rassias Comments

Added 12/5/2019
Memo - Dennis Circle Intersection
Gallagher Email Bond Amount 12/5/2019
Traffic and Roadway Memo 12/5/2019

Added 11/25/2109: 
Inclusionary Housing FILU Calculation

Added 11/14/2019
Healy Corner BofH condition #8
Updated Bond Estimate Dennis Circle Rev1

Added 10/30 through 11/5
Osmond Comments Nov. 5 2019
Beam Comments Nov. 4 2019
Gallagher Comments Nov. 4 2019
BoH/Garreffi Comments Oct. 30 2019
Green Intl. Peer Review Nov. 1, 2019:
         Cover Letter
         Remaining Comments, including waivers requested and recommended conditions
Comment regarding Open Space Zoning Bylaw
Construction Cost Estimate
Conservation Restriction Draft: Lot 15 Portion
Conservation Restriction Draft: Parcel A
Email Thread regarding Intersection
Worksheet Plan: Intersection
Added 10/25/19
Zoning Opinion - Oct. 21, 2019
Map/exhibit for Zoning Opinion - Oct. 21, 2019
GPR Memo regarding Zoning Opinion
Revised Preliminary Subdivision Plan Oct.  2019
Added 10/23/19 - 
New Information for 11/7/19 PB meeting:
Stormwater Report Updated October 2019
Construction Management Plan October 2019
Waiver Request List Revised October 2019
Watershed Map Revised October 2019
Stormwater O&M Lots 15&16
Stormwater O&M Lots 1&2
Stormwater O&M HCCA
Revised Direct Impact Report October 2019
Architectural Plan: Lancaster
Architectural Plan: Ashford
Peer Review GPR Response to Comments
Healy Corner Definitive Plans Updated October 2019

Added 10/16/19 - New Information for 10/21/19 PB meeting:
Hydrant location email
LWD Email regarding Water Pressure
Oborski Comments email and letter
Gallagher Email thread Oct. 2019 re Healy Corner
Gallagher letter Sept 2019 re Healy Corner

Added 9/25/19 - New Information for 10/2/19 PB meeting:
Process/Time-line Communication
Public Street Tree Photos: 
Image 350 
Image 346
Image 344
Image 342
Public Hearing Posting - Tree Warden
Peer Review

Added 9/9/2019: Traffic Analysis
Application Booklet
Stormwater O&M Manual
Stormwater Report
Stormwater Maps Pre and Post
   Sheet C1.1 Title Sheet
   Sheet C2.1 Master Plan
   Sheet C3.1 Plan of Lots
   Sheet C3.2 Plan of Easements
   Sheet C4.1 Existing Conditions Plan
   Sheet C4.2 Existing Conditions Plan
   Sheet C5.1 Site Plan Layout and Utilities Plan
   Sheet C5.2 Site Layout and Utilities Plan
   Sheet C6.1 Grading, Drainage and Paving Plan
   Sheet C6.2 Grading, Drainage and Paving Plan
   Sheet C7.1 Roadway Plan and Profile: Dennis Circle
   Sheet C7.2 Roadway Plan and Profile: Alfred Trail
   Sheet C8.1 Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
   Sheet C8.2 Stormwater Pollution Prevention Details
   Sheet C9.1 Construction Details
   Sheet C9.2 Construction Details
   Sheet C9.3 Construction Details
   Sheet C9.4 Construction Details

Update for June 6, 2019:
Feb. 7 2019 Approval
Neighbor Comments Feb. 13 2019
Updated Plans: 50-Scale Concept Plan
                          80-Scale Concept Plan

Preliminary Subdivision Oct. 26, 2018
Application Form 195 Tahattawan
Preliminary Subdivision Plan 195 Tahattawan
Supplemental Application Materials 195 Tahattawan
Comments to Date Jan. 8 2019