93 Foster Street Subdivision

Detailed application and plans for this project are listed below. 

Approved Definitive Subdivision Plans
Definitive Subdivision Decision

DEFINITIVE OPEN SPACE SUBDIVISION 2018 - The Public Hearing on this Definitive Open Space Subdivision was opened on July 12, 2018, continued August 2, 2018, September 13, October 4, and November 1, and continued on December 6, 2018. This subdivision was approved in December 2018.
Public Hearing Notice
Application Materials and Forms
Signature Pages for Application Forms
Architectural Plans
Subdivision Plan - Scan of application plan
Subdivision Plan from Engineer
Peer Review August 16 2018
DPW Comments August 2018

Updated Information - Sept 2018 is below:
Plans - Definitive Open Space Subdivision 93 Foster St The Homes at Croft Common
Drainage Map Please note that full drainage calculations are available, but too large to post, please call 978/540-2425 if you want a copy.
Applicant's response to peer review comments
Stormwater Operations and Maintenance Manual
Peer Review Follow-up Letter For Oct. 4 Public Hearing
Formatted Peer Review Follow-up Letter for Oct 4 Hearing

NEW MATERIALS for December 6, 2018 Planning Board Meeting
October 30 2018 Project Update Letter
October 30 2018 Updated Plans "The Homes at Croft Common"
Peer Review Lettter November 19, 2018
November 29 2018 DRAFT Decision in progress 

Application 93 Foster Street 
Preliminary Subdivision Plan 93 Foster Street 
Traffic and Access Study 
Approval and Plan for Preliminary Subdivision