Jones Meadow Senior Residential Development

August 2021 Update: Developer has requested the Town accept Bluebird Way as a public way. Planning Board will discuss at the Sept. 2 PB meeting. 
Documents associated with this request:
As-Built Plan DRAFT
As-Built Plan REVIEW
Street Acceptance Plan DRAFT
Street Acceptance Plan REVIEW
Construction Punch List

The Planning Board approved applications for the Jones Meadow Senior Residential Development, DefinitiveSubdivision, and Water Resource District Special Permit. The Public Hearing was held January 10, and February 7, 2019; deliberations were held on March 7 and April 4, 2019. At the June 6, 2019 Planning Board meeting, the Board endorsed the Plans and the covenant, and construction is well underway.

Please  see the FLYER and APPLICATION for affordable units at Jones Meadow.
Any questions, please call the lottery agent Maureen O'Hagan, MCO Housing Services at 978-456-8388 or 

The Jones Meadow Senior Residential Development layout includes 19 Cottage-style single-family homes on a 12-acre parcel off Spectacle Pond Road near Cricket Lane. The Cottages would be clustered on a new subdivision roadway off Spectacle Pond Road near Cricket Lane. Each unit would include between 1,000 to 1,800 square feet of living area with an easily accessible zero-step entrance, master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, kitchen, living room, and dining room on the ground floor, with full basement and 1-car or 2-car garages for all units. The developer has proposed that two of the units be affordable units under state affordable housing guidelines. 

Please see links below for detailed information, including Definitive Subdivision application materials.

Planning Board Decisions:
Jones Meadow Consolidated Decision April 2019
Administrative Amendment to Consolidated Decision 

Inspection Report #1
Inspection Report #2
Inspection Report for Site Visit #3
Inspection Report for Site Visit #4 and #5
Inspection Report for Site Visit #6 and #7

LCT memo and email regarding open space, parking, improvements
Updated Peer Review Letter March 29, 2019
Jones Meadow Updated Plans 2019 
Drainage Report Updated March 2019 
Memo re Trail Head Parking 
Driveway light spec sheet
Construction Cost Estimate
Comment Response Letter March 2019 
Architectural Renderings March 2019 
Waiver Request March 2019
Waiver Request Jones Meadow
Preconstruction Drainage Map
Post Construction Drainage Map
Project Narrative Jones Meadow
Development Impact Statement
Construction Management Traffic Plan
Traffic Impact Assessment Jones Meadow
Turning Radius Detail Engine 2
Turning Radius Detail Tower 1
Fire Department Comments Feb. 2019
Nitrogen Loading Calcs

Definitive Subdivision Application Dec. 2018
Public Hearing Notice
Application Packet - scan
Definitive Subdivision Plans - scan
Comments to Date: Jan 24 2019 updated
S Kanniard Email regarding density
Green Intl. Peer Review Jan. 25 2019

Preliminary Subdivision Information
Application Information
Public Hearing Notice 
Cottage Models
Comments to date - July 12 2018 updated
Comments to date July 19 2018 updated
Resident Comments Feb. 2018
Resident Comments March 2018
Resident Comments July 24 2018
Board of Health Comments Aug 1 2018
Littleton Water Department Comments Jones Meadow
Comments via Town Administrators Office Aug 15 2018
EHS Comments Clarified Aug 2018

Cover Letter August 29 2018 Jones Meadow
Parking Sketch August 29 2018 Jones Meadow
Traffic Statement August 29 2018 Jones Meadow
Waiver Request Letter August 29 2018 Jones Meadow

Engineering Peer Review Preliminary Subdivision Green Intl.
Senior Housing Peer Review Barrett

Citizen Petition Sept 11 2018
Citizen Petition Comments Sept 11 2018
Citizen Petition Change Sept 11 2018

Sept. 20 2018 Cover Letter
Sept. 20 2018 Waiver Request
Sept. 20 2018 Layout Plan
Oct 3 2018 Response to Barrett Peer Review
Oct 3 2018 Comments D. Locke
Planning Board Decision Preliminary Subdivision Jones Meadow