Planning Board Meeting - Room 103

Event Date: 
Thursday, March 5, 2020 - 6:30pm


Littleton Town Offices
37 Shattuck St
1st Floor, Room 103
Littleton, MA 01460
United States

Proposed Agenda

  1. 6:30 - Board Business
    1. Public Input
    2. Board Member Updates
          PFAS Meeting Announcement
    3. Minutes: Feb. 10, 2020 updated; Jan 6, 2020
    4. Bills and Payroll
    5. Zoning Bylaw Amendment: Change Selectmen to Select Board
      Recommend; email thread at LINK
    6. Set Adult-Use Marijuana Special Permit application fees
      Recommended: use current RMD Application Fee Schedule
    7. Response to letters from residents and others
  2. 6:45 - Continued Zoning Bylaw Amendment Public Hearing - Form Based Code for Littleton Common
    LINK to FBC Page
  3. 7:25 - ANR - 213 & 227 Newtown Road (Acton Addresses, portion of property in Littleton)
    ANR Plan
    ANR Application
  4. 7:30 - Continued Public Hearing - Healy Corner Definitive Open Space Subdivision, Open space Special Permit, and Joint Public Hearing with Tree Warden for Scenic Road Review - 195 Tahattawan Road - 17 lots
    PLEASE NOTE that the applicant has requested that this Hearing be continued to the next meeting, and has requested a timeline extension for the Definitive Subdivision process. Discussion at the 3/5 meeting will likely be limited to the timeline extension, meeting schedule, and deadlines. 
    LINK to Healy Corner Page
  5. 7:35 - Mark Racicot of MAPC - Transfer of Development Rights
    TDR information from MAPC 2011
    Timeline Littleton TDR
    3-5-20 Planning Board PPT
  6. 8:15 - Continued Public Hearing - 35 Shattuck Street/Reuben Hoar Library Slope Site - Aquifer and Water Resource District Special Permit and Site Plan Review - PLEASE NOTE that the Public Hearign for the new library will be continued to a future Planning Board meeting.