Transfer of Development Rights

Our work with MAPC on TDR

The Planning Board, under grant funding from the EEA Planning Assistance Grant program, is working with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) on the potential for a "Transfer of Development Rights" program for Littleton. 

November 2020 NEWS: Agricultural Commission will hear from MAPC's Mark Racicot, PB Member Jerry Portante, and Town Planner Maren Toohill on the current status of work on TDR. Information for this November 17, 2020 discussion:
      1-page TDR Summary
       MAPC TDR Memo, includes draft TDR Bylaw
       MAPC Presentation on TDR

August 2020 UPDATE: 
MAPC Memo on TDR 8-14-20 - includes DRAFT TDR Bylaw for discussion
Littleton TDR Calculations 8-20-2020:
           (1) Sending Area Value
           (2) Receiving Area Residual Land Value
           (3) Receiving Area Assessed Value
Littleton TDR Survey Interim Results July 10, 2020
Existing vs. FBC zoning buildout calcs for Littleton Common
June 18, 2020 TDR Presentation
Draft Survey with Architectural Photo Examples

TDR survey is still open:

 See the flyer for the survey.

July 2020 UPDATE: See Interim Survey Results July 10, 2020

June 18, 2020 PB Meeting
DRAFT MAPC Presentation

March 5, 2020 PB Meeting Presentation: Transfer of Development Rigths in Massachusetts
Information from MAPC on TDR (2011)
MAPC TDR memo 1-11-17 - includes examples from Westfield, Hadley, Hatfield, Sunderland, Natick

April 2, 2020
MAPC TDR Presentation: Town of Littleton TDR Study