Town Code Chapter 41, Town Meetings

§41-1. Dates when held. [Amended 11-5-2007 STM, Art. 9] The Annual Town Meeting shall be held on the first Monday in May at 7 p.m. and the Annual Town Election on the following Saturday." 

§41-2. Posting of warrant. Every Town Meeting shall be called by posting attested copies of the warrant calling the same in six public places (the Town Hall, three meeting houses and post offices of the Town) at least seven days before the day appointed for said meeting.

§41-3. Town Meeting Report. [Amended 11-14-2012 STM, Art. 17] For every annual and special town meeting, the Board of Selectmen shall mail to each occupied dwelling at least fourteen (14) days prior to said meeting a Town Meeting Report containing the full text of the articles as posted in the warrant; proposed motions and town board recommendations, if any; and concise explanations of each article, including the fiscal impact of any financial articles. The Town Meeting Report for the annual town meeting shall include the Finance Committee's report to the voters.

Pursuant to MGL C.39,s.10, articles may be inserted on the Annual warrant by petition of 10 registered voters, and on the Special warrant by petition of 100 voters.