Transportation Advisory Council

The Board of Selectmen has established a Transportation Advisory Council to promote collaboration in the development of collective transportation goals and priorities for the Town of Littleton; to be comprised of one member and one alternate each from the Board of Selectmen, Planning Board, Finance Committee, Council on Aging, Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, and Disabilities Commission; and three members from the community at-large appointed by the Board of Selectmen and Planning Board.

DRAFT WORK PLAN (proposed by Master Plan Implementation Commmittee): 
Littleton Transportation Advisory Council (TAC) shall meet at least quarterly to discuss issues and concerns related to transportation matters and initiatives in the town and neighboring communities. The TAC would establish collective goals and priorities for improving all means of transportation in the town consistent with the vision of the 2017 Littleton Master Plan. The TAC would invite input from other boards and committees and the general public to ensure that the Council is truly representative of the interests of the people of Littleton. The TAC would annually present their goals and recommendations to the Planning Board and Board of Selectmen and would publish their recommendations in a report for Annual Town Meeting. Additional meetings may be called to respond to transportation issues as they arise.