The Treasurer's Office is responsible for investing, balancing and accounting for all town funds.  The office processes all town receipts, disburses all payroll and vendor payments and issues both short and long-term debt. The Treasurer also serves as the sole Trustee for the town's OPEB Trust.  Our Human Resources function provides payroll and benefit administration as well as health and wellness services to all Town employees and retirees.

In addition to the above, the Treasurer also assists the Trust Fund Commissioners in managing the Town's various trusts.  The Town's Trust Funds provide funding for annual scholarship awards through donations to the Littleton Scholarship Trust, funding for the Littleton Lyceum, Westlawn Cemetery, Littleton Public Schools & the Rueben Hoar Library.  The Trust also awards annual scholarships through the FM Kimball Second Fund and the John C. and Eunice B. Morrison Scholarship Fund.


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Steven Venuti Town Treasurer (978) 540-2450
Ann Essman Assistant Treasurer and HR Administration (978) 540-2456
Cindy Filipe Payroll and Finance Coordinator 978-540-2452
Carol Hanlon Assistant HR Administrator (978) 540-2457