Vendor Tailings (Uncashed Checks)

Current law requires that municipal treasurers wait three years before an uncashed check may be deemed abandoned and start the process of reclaiming the funds.

Massachusetts General Law Chapter 200A, Section 9A provides Municipal Treasurers a procedure for disposing of funds held by the Town which are deemed abandoned. This process is known as "tailings". For more information, visit Massachusetts General Laws, or contact the Treasurer/Collector Office with questions.

Below is the "Notice of Names of Persons Appearing to Be Owners of Funds Held by the Town of Littleton and Deemed Abandoned". This notice was posted on June 6, 2022.

To claim funds, please contact the Treasurer/Collector Office. You will need to submit a Request to Claim Funds, as well as any other documentation that may be needed to validate the claim. Once all necessary documentation is submitted, The Treasurer/Collector will review the claim and, if deemed to be a valid claim, will submit for a check to be reissued.

Checks issued by the Town of Littleton that remain uncashed are subject to the following actions:

  1. For unclaimed checks (tailings) we will place an advertisement in the local newspaper after being placed on the website for 60 days.
  2. An unclaimed (tailings) check list is posted on the web-site.
  3. Checks may be claimed up to one year since the date of the newspaper advertisement.

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