Forms & Documents

New for 2023 we will be switching to an online software called Camp Docs. Some waivers or permission slips may require documents outside of what is listed in Camp Docs.

Camp Docs will allow you to fill out required documents online, or upload them, so that we can access them for the programs your children are registered for.

How It Works

  • Once you are registered for a program you will receive an email from Camp Docs inviting you to set up a profile for you child(ren).
    • The software will save any updates you make to the profile(s). So you can come back to where you last left off.
    • If you have not full completed the profile(s) you will receive reminders until it is 100% complete.
    • Please make sure to complete 100% of the profile set up before your child goes to their program. They will not be able to attend the program until it is complete.
  • Once you have completed your profile(s) you will only need to maintain any new changes, upload new documents, or change preferences when necessary.