Permit SignIf you would like to request a permit, please fill out the form and return to Parks and Recreation.

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Town of Littleton Park & Recreation Commission Regulations for Use of Park Space

  1. 1. The use of Park space for events shall be by permit only issued by the Littleton Park and Recreation Commission.
  2. 2. Park space is only open dawn to dusk, and shall be closed to the public dusk to dawn, except by permission of the Littleton Park and Recreation Commission.
  3. The use of alcoholic beverages on the ground is not permitted at any time.
  4. Permit applications must be endorsed by the Chief of Police, Fire Department and Highway Department prior to approval of the Park and Recreation Commission.
  5. The requirement for Police Detail Officers and parking at an event shall be determined by the Chief of Police and noted on the application form.
  6. Users of Park Space agree not to obstruct fire lanes, egress of emergency equipment, or Fire and Police Department parking areas.
  7. Applicants for the use of Park Space may be required to submit proof of liability insurance and, in any event, agree to save and hold harmless the town from all damages on account of such use.
  8. Vehicles will not be permitted on the grounds for any reason without express written permission of the PRCE Department. Any damages caused will be the sole responsibility of the renting party.
  9. Comply with the Town's rules and regulations with respect to noise levels in Town.
  10. Users must clean and restore the entire area and dispose of trash off the premises.

Adopted May 13, 2017