Town Reports

Chapter 40, section 49 of the Massachusetts General Laws provides that, "The selectmen, before the annual town meeting, shall at the expense of the town print the annual town report for the use of the inhabitants containing the report of the selectmen for the calendar or Calendar year preceding said meeting, the report of the school committee, statements in tabulated form prepared under section sixty of chapter forty-one unless otherwise printed as provided in said section, the annual report of the town accountant for the preceding Calendar year as provided in section sixty-one of chapter forty-one, the annual report of the town treasurer as provided in section thirty-five of chapter forty-one, and except as otherwise provided by vote or by-law of the town, of such other officers and boards as consider it expedient to make a report, the jury list as required by chapter two hundred and thirty-four, and such other matters as the law, or the town by vote or by-law, requires or as the selectmen consider expedient."

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Annual Report 2022