Trust Fund Commission

The general Laws of the Commonwealth provide for three Commissioners to administer those funds that have been bequeathed or acquired by the Town for special purposes and which use primarily the annual income, as derived from the investment of such funds. Whereas the Treasurer has the full responsibility for all the funds of the Town, the Commissioners participate as advisors to the Treasurer for the investment of these funds in order that there is a steady income for the purposes intended. It is also the policy of the present Commissioners, that the invested funds should increase in value, as consistently as possible, as conditions allow. The funds therefore are pooled, or combined into one major fund, participating in the congregate investment in proportion to the basis of their individual value.

The proceeds of the Trust Funds benefit the following entities or programs in the Town:

  • The Cemetery Perpetual Care Fund - supports the operating budget of the Cemetery Department.
  • The Rueben Hoar Library - several separate funds from separate bequests and fund-raising efforts of the Library Trustees. A portion of fund these funds partially offsets the library operating budget.
  • The School Department - five separate funds that benefit various projects for the Town Schools.
  • Littleton Lyceum - two funds provide annual donations to the Littleton Lyceum for their operations.
  • Scholarships - five scholarship funds. The Littleton Scholarship Trust administers three, the Commissioners administer two.

Details regarding the F. M. Kimball Second Fund and the John C. and Eunice B. Morrison Scholarship Fund as well as an application form can be found using the Scholarship Fund selection on the left.

The detailed accounting and distribution data for all Trust Funds appear every year in the Annual Town Report. The Commissioners are elected for a term of three years.


Name Position Description Term Expiration
Steve Venuti     5/6/2025
Fred Faulkner     5/8/2024
Betsy Bohling     5/5/2026
  1. Robin Healy


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