Scholarship Selection Committee


The Scholarship Selection Committee was created by the Trust Fund Commissioners shortly after the 1996 addition of the FM Kimball II Scholarship Fund to the Trust Fund.  The Committee was created per the FM Kimball II Trust as “an appropriate group within Littleton the responsibility of selecting those who are to receive scholarships from the Fund.” With the addition of the John & Eunice Morrison Fund in 2008, the Scholarship Selection Committee is also responsible for nominating scholarship recipients for The Morrison Fund.

The Scholarship Selection Committee consists of (4) Volunteers and (1) member of the Trust Fund Commission. The Volunteers are appointed by the Trust Fund Commissioners. The Scholarship Selection Committee follows the same town policies as any other board or committee within the Town of Littleton.

  1. Committee Member Roles and Responsibilities
  2. Committee Application

Committee Member Roles and Responsibilities

Committee Members individually review and prioritize the Scholarship Applications using the following criteria;

  • Academic Achievement
  • Communication Skills
  •  Community Service
  •  Financial Need

Over multiple committee meetings, the Selection Committee comes to consensus the list of finalists to be interviewed. After conducting the interviews, the Committee Members generate a recommended list of Annual Scholarship Award recipients, including the distribution of funds. This list is presented to and approved by the Littleton Trust Fund Commission.

Members need to be available for weeknight meetings from mid-March to mid-May.  Approximately six meetings lasting about two hours each are used to complete the Scholarship Award process. Members also participate in a Scholarship Award ceremony held in June.

Members must have computer and internet access as the Scholarship Application review is performed using an online format.