Right to Farm By-law

At the May 8, 2006 Annual Town Meeting voters passed a Right-to-Farm By-law and established an Agricultural Commission.  The full text of the By-law can be found in Section 90 of the Town Code.

The purpose and intent of this By-law is to state with emphasis the Right to Farm accorded all citizens of the Commonwealth under Article 97 of the Constitution, and all state statutes and regulations there under including but not limited to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 40A, Section 3, Paragraph 1: Chapter 90, Section 9, Chapter 111, Section 125A and Chapter 128 Section 1A. We the citizens of Littleton restate and republish these rights pursuant to the Town's authority conferred by Article 89 of the Articles of Amendment of the Massachusetts Constitution ("Home Rule Amendment").

This General By-law encourages the pursuit of agriculture, promotes agriculture-based economic opportunities, and protects farmlands within the Town of Littleton by allowing agricultural uses and related activities to function with minimal conflict with abutters and Town agencies. This By-law shall apply to all jurisdictional areas within the Town.