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Application for Farmer Series Pouring Permit

  1. Town SealTo the Licensing Authorities: The undersigned hereby applies for a Farmer Series Pouring Permit in accordance with the provisions of the statutes, by-laws, and/or policies relating thereto:

    Policy voted by the Select Board relative to Farmer Series Pouring Permit: Upon receipt of a request for a Farmer Series Pouring Permit a public hearing is scheduled, immediate abutters are notified by the applicant, and a background investigation is conducted by the Police Chief. This permit fee is $1000. After conducting the hearing and taking comments from any abutters, the permit is issued by the Select Board who can set hours and days of operation. The permit is typed, fee paid, and license issued to applicant (assuming there are no other outstanding inspections/fees due to the Town). These permits are subject to annual renewal.

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    When you return this application, do not forget to also return all items on the Requirements for Farmer Series Pouring Permit Checklist to:
    The Office of the Select Board/Town Administrator
    37 Shattuck Street, Room 306
    Littleton, MA 01460
    You can also email them to Licensing.

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