The Internet is a great source of information, but sometimes it just doesn't have the quality information you need. Reuben Hoar Library databases provide accurate information that is often peer-reviewed. Databases are more credible because publishers have checked the contents for accuracy and reliability. Databases provide quick access to information on the Web, such as newspapers, magazine articles, biographies, book reviews, images and more. All you need is your Library card to access all of the below resources. If you have a library card from other Massachusetts public libraries you will be able to access some of these resources, but not all. More quality resources are available from the Boston Public Library. Massachusetts residents also have access to the online resources provided by the Boston Public Library (BPL) with a BPL Library Card or eCard. Access BPL online resources. Obtain a BPL eCard.

If you are a resident of Massachusetts, you are eligible to receive a free e-Card from the Boston Public Library. With that e-Card, you will have access to their many databases. Get an e-Card. BPL databases can be accessed online for those who already have a card.