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American AncestorsAmerican Ancestors (Library Use Only)

The databases of the New England Historic Genealogical Society with over 110 million names. (Library Edition) (Library Use Only)

Search for your ancestors, check U.S. Census Records, Birth/Marriage/Death records, and more. Ancestry Library is the largest family history site online with over 4 billion names in worldwide historical records, family tree services and genealogy learning materials.

BiographyBiography (Gale in Context)

Provides biographical information on more than 700,000 people from throughout history, around the world, and across all disciplines. Affiliate Library Collection

(Some features may work only from the Library) offers access to genealogical records from over 110 countries, including over 2.4 million rolls of microfilmed genealogical records; 742,000 microfiche; 310,000 books, serials, and other formats. also contains the catalog of the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. Research help is available through the Family History Research Wiki, discussion forums, and free online family history courses through the Learning Center. FamilySearch Affiliate Libraries have privileges to some limited-access FamilySearch databases and records. The Affiliate Library collection is only available on-site and does not have all the privileges of a Family History Center. A free individual account is required to use the platform. FamilySearch is the largest collection of genealogical and historical records in the world and is the genealogical branch of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, informally known as the Mormon Church or the LDS Church.