Goals for FY 2023

Administration (Calendar, Training, Reviews)

Revive Select Board Calendar and create a shared, interactive calendar which includes:

  • Goals deliverables and due dates
  • HCA payments, requirements, or other deliverables.
  • Budget Calendar
  • Warrant/Town Meeting due dates
  • Bi-annual meeting with Dept Heads
  • Training for Select Board members (in alignment with Town Clerk and HR director goals.)
  • Finalize and adopt a written procedure for Annual Performance Evaluation for Town Administrator, Police Chief and Fire Chief, including required deadlines
  • Create and adopt a policy for SB participation on other appointed Boards and Committees
  • Plus any other scheduled items/issues that we discover.

Revise Policies & Procedures, Town Bylaws

  • Draft "Areas of Responsibilities" document for Town Administrator and Select Board, in consultation with TA and Dept Heads
  • Edit, discuss and adopt new Select Board Member Code of Conduct.
  • Town Policies and Bylaws.
    • Update Select Board Policies and Regulations.
    • Review existing dept heads comments on town policies and update town code to implement changes.
    • Abolish/rescind obsolete by-laws.
    • Correct discrepancies between language in town code and select board regulations and policies.
    • Correct ambiguous language.

Improve Communication With The Public And Within Town Hall

  • Investigate ways to make the Website interactive
  • Define ways to Improve communication plans and mechanism with residents
  • Communicate with citizen group working on developing education/introduction for new residents about our form of government and the work of elected and appointed boards and committees.
  • Investigate implementation of Citizen Academy.
  • Semi-annual All-Department Meeting with Select Board.

Fully Staff All Town Departments, Identify Potential New Positions

  • Completion of compensation grid.
  • Empower our dept heads to reward an employee for going above and beyond.

Long Range Fiscal Plan

  • Review and adjust Budget Calendar with FinCom Treasurer, Finance Department
  • Investigate how we could increase CPC Funding to address growing Conservation/Open space needs. (Town Meeting Vote) More clearly define funding mechanisms/savings account for potential purchase of parcels
  • Senior Tax Relief:
    • Revamp Work-Off program based on EHS Dept goals
    • Work with Jim Arciero on Legislation
    • Find balance between senior tax relief and stable tax rate
    • Better understand the impact of developments on the Town and they will affect future needs. 550 King Street: Financial Model, tax revenues, impact on services

Guide A Decision About The Future Of Town Hall

  • Revisit Space Needs for Town Hall, how does the senior center build affect this?
  • Determine cost and requirements for repairs/upgrades/code compliance to Town Hall
  • Investigate cost to move, build and equip a new Town Hall elsewhere.
  • Determine priority of both options in relation to the rest of the Capital Improvements Pipeline


  • Lease/Rehab Nagog Hill Orchard. RFP Response Deadline is June 17th. Next Steps
    • Clean-out house and barn.
    • Electrical and plumbing inspection required.
    • Mildew in basement needs mitigation.
    • Partial roof repair and gutter replacement on house also needed.
  • Support/Involve/consult AgComm as they present the needs of the farms in town (including help with grants for farmers)
  • Create 1-page bios for each farmer for display in the annual Town Report Delegate to AgComm?

Develop/Evolve The Process Of Purchasing & Or Protecting Land In Littleton

  • Revive (potentially recharter) Open Space Plan Committee with professional assistance.
    Work with Conservation on developing "Right of First Refusal" prioritization and funding.
    Communicate with Farmers to be in the conversation, should they choose to take action with their farmland.
  • Work with Planning Board on Transfer of Development Rights


  • Habitat for Humanity House process moving and underway. Hopefully to begin construction in 2023
    Next Steps: perc test at Tahattawan Road
  • Explore new AHT initiatives
  • Next Steps. Work the AHT membership to create manual/guide for the AHT Board.
  • Partner with State to identify partners to help with Affordable Housing (i.e. CHAPA)

Make The EDC More Active & Functional

  • Charge EDC with creating a plan
  • Revive Common Revitalization Committee
  • Continue working on 550 King Street Measurable Goals will be needed as things come up

Remove, Recharter, Reorganize & Re-Energize Existing Appointed Boards And Committees

Make one of the following recommendations on each committee

  • Remove/Disband (vote right then)
  • Recharter (draft due by next SB meeting)
  • Re-energize by assigning a specific deliverable in line with SB Goals (schedule)
  • Assign a liaison
  • Leave it alone. No need for a report.
  • Invite in for a progress report and FY2023 committee goals
  • Review, discuss and finalize relevant new charters with input from committee members if applicable. Vote as necessary.
  • Invite 1 committees to each SB meeting to hear reports, assign tasks, discuss charter change, etc. Chair will work with TA's office to schedule
  • One SB meeting per year to discuss with committees performance, attendance, goals. Meeting with Chairs of all the committees.
  • Try to find new ways to solicit new members to join committees with vacancies.
  • Investigate common committees, charters, and which are active. Littleton Common Revitalization Roadmap: Monitor Littleton Common Infrastructure needs and increased traffic flow, while promoting a walkable Common.

Other & Miscellaneous

  • Research more regional options and partnerships while pursuing grants and increased options for the town's growing population needs
  • Ask Nashoba Regional to add to meeting with regional TAs and TMs to discuss regionalization.
  • Talk to dept heads to ask them to be mindful of regionalization.
  • Document how we are already working with other communities.
  • Host a summit with surrounding communities' Boards to discuss common issues, Best Demonstrated Practices, Potential for shared resources, etc.
  • Plans to better support alternative forms of transportation (bike lanes, trails, sidewalks, etc.) Measurable Goals are needed. Delegate to TAC?
  • Work with EHS/TA/PMBC on final design for the new Center
  • Revisit work done on Mental Health and substance abuse. Collaborate with EHS, LPD, LFD, Schools to educate and provide services.
  • Complete the WWI monument restoration project
  • Work with John Boroski to verify additional names to be added to the EPR Veterans Corner and issue RFP for vendor to replace plaque on one of the monuments
  • Explore and update renovation of hardscape surrounding monument at Patriot Square