Goals for FY 2022

The Select Board Goals for FY 2022 have been carried over from FY 2021.

Elder & Human Services

The Council on Aging Board exists for the benefit of its seniors and operates under the "best practices" for councils on aging endorsed by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Elder and Human Services and the Council on Aging is to identify and serve the social, recreational, health and educational needs of older adults (60+) in our community in an effort to maintain dignity, independence and support for their role as community members.

Services are provided for seniors to build physical, emotional, intellectual and social wellbeing. In addition, the Department of Elder and Human Services (EHS) provides human services for all residents of the town, especially assisting low-income and distressed individuals with securing needed services.

Services are offered through the Senior Center located at 37 Shattuck Street which serves as the focal point for addressing aging service issues in our community and acts as a gateway to information and services that support and enable a multigenerational group to maintain health, independence and the highest level of functioning in many aspects of life.

Select Board Comments

  • Request COA Board to create new term for Senior Center which will attract a broader demographic to use the facility.
  • Continue working on "Senior Center" Development.
  • Make a "Senior Center" a reality. Identify property. Establish funding plan "Senior Center" Same thought as Matthew, would a Community Center be a better term than Senior Center to get more involvement Promote EHS to people who consider themselves 'non-seniors."

Economic Development

Mission Statement

Help attract, retain and expand local businesses to increase and diversify the Town's commercial tax base consistent with community character. Promote appropriate and responsible development and redevelopment of commercial and industrial properties. Identify changing economic trends and develop recommendations to maximize interest in our community.

Select Board Comments

  • Recommend to EDC to utilize Collins Center for Learning to establish Economic Development Plan. For an example see.
  • Charge MPIC with implementation of Littleton Common Revitalization of Roadmap;
  • Create tools to "Welcome" new businesses such as "Permitting Guide" or "Welcome". Reignite conversation with NBTC Continue to communication with Sam Park to maximize The Point. (Hotel?).
  • Set up Quarterly meetings between EDC and the Select Board.
  • Increase interaction with EDC to promote better service to business community through social media content/function etc.
  • Look at underutilized commercial areas.
  • Increase interaction with EDC to promote better service to business community through social media content/function etc.
  • Look at underutilized commercial areas;

Organization Review of Policies and by-Laws

Select Board Comments

  • Continue review and update of policies, procedures, regulations and by-laws.
  • W-I-P in conjunction with the Administration as things come up and have a rolling list. (See Cindy's memo to Board).
  • Review and rehaul Select Board direct reports and organization chart.
  • "Government Structure." See need to clearly spell out what the TA's role is and what is expected.
  • Inactive Board/Committees. Accountability. Improve communication and empower.

Conservation & Agriculture

Mission of the Agricultural Commission

The Agricultural Commission shall promote agricultural-based economic opportunities; to preserve, revitalize and sustain the Littleton agricultural industry; to encourage the pursuit of agriculture as a career opportunity and lifestyle in the Town of Littleton; and to represent the Littleton farming community.

The Commission shall develop a work plan to guide its activities. Such activities include but are not limited to, the following: shall serve as facilitators for encouraging the pursuit of agriculture in Littleton; shall promote agricultural-based economic opportunities in Town; shall act as mediators, advocates, educators, and/or negotiators on farming issues; shall work for preservation of prime agricultural lands; and shall pursue all initiatives appropriate to creating a sustainable agricultural community.

Select Board Comments

  • Continue working with AG-Com. Explore expansion of use of Nagog Farm and Educational programs.
  • Identify and create a listing of potentially vulnerable "open spaces" that the town may wish to protect. (See Open Space and Recreation Plan.)
  • Continue working with Ag-Com.
  • Continue supporting the "Farming Community."
  • Rewrite Ag-Com working Group charge. Include Littleton Conservation Trust in more discussions.

Infrastructure Needs

Select Board Comments

  • Support Sewer Project Initiatives
  • Identify source for alternative high-speed internet for residents.
  • Sewer and other Master Plan Goals.
  • Move forward with Sewer Project.