Teen & YA FAQs

Who is considered a "young adult?"

The library considers anyone in middle or high school, or roughly ages 11 to 19, a young adult. For library programs and services, you might see the word "teen" used interchangeably with "young adult" or "YA." Any programs or services intended for a narrower age range will specify the appropriate ages in the description—for example, the Anime & Manga Book Club states that it's intended for teens who are 13 years old and up.

What services does the library offer for young adults?

The Reuben Hoar Library is proud to staff and maintain a "teen room" for all teen and YA patrons! It holds the YA collection, which includes fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels, manga, Playaway audiobooks, video games, board games, and a selection of teen-interest magazines. There are tables and chairs, comfortable seating options, desktop computers, and an Xbox One and a Nintendo Switch for teen use. 

We also offer programs and clubs for teens so they can connect with each other, share their interests, and enjoy the space intended for them. You can find a complete list of clubs and events elsewhere on this website.

But don't forget: the rest of the library is at your disposal, too. The children's room, the adult collection upstairs, the library's databases and online resources, and our interlibrary loan (ILL) service are all available to our teens. And if you're looking for the YA audiobooks on CD, they can be found in the adult audiobook section near the movies.

Who are the teen services librarians?

Megan is the full-time teen services librarian and is responsible for the teen space and its users, and James is the assistant teen services librarian. They're both enthusiastic readers of YA books and are happy to give recommendations, answer any questions you might have, or just chat about the things they're reading or watching.

Besides them, any of the librarians at the Reuben Hoar Library are able to assist teen patrons with their needs.

I'm a young adult, but I would like to read adult books. Is that okay?

Absolutely! While the YA collection is designed to appeal to our teen patrons, you might find your interests take you elsewhere in the library. Any of our librarians can help you find the book to suit your needs. We believe that there's a book for every reader, and a reader for every book.

I'm an adult, but I would like to read YA books. Is that okay?

Many adults enjoy reading YA literature. Books intended for a teen audience tend to focus on character development and intense, internal emotions. Because of this, many readers of all ages find them relatable and sometimes easier to understand than other books.

The YA collection is open to everyone to browse and check out. However, please note that the social and working spaces in the teen room—including the computers, tables, chairs, and television—are intended for teen use only.

Can you recommend some popular YA books?

Of course! Megan and James are happy to help with any suggestions or recommendations you might need. You can send an email to teens@littletonlibrary.org with any questions you have. 

Otherwise, you can check online resources like the New York Times Young Adult Hardcover bestseller list or the Amazon Best Teen & Young Adult list to see what's popular. Note that while bestseller lists are good at showing you what's trendy, there's no accounting for taste.