Teen Resources

Everyone needs a little help and guidance sometimes. Maybe you're worried about what your next step is in life, maybe you're dealing with a difficult situation, or maybe you're just curious about certain topics. Whatever reason you have for using these resources, the library is happy to provide them in this convenient (and private) space.


You might need your library card handy to use these, especially if you're accessing them from home. Lost your card? Swing by the library's front desk and we can issue a replacement.

All Topics

Books and Sources

  • NoveList: A catalog of fiction that can suggest new books for you to try based on the titles, authors, and genres you like.
  • Safari: A collection of online nonfiction that focuses on technical matters, such as programming and web development. These books are never older than 3 years.
  • WorldCat: A catalog that includes collections and services from all over the world.


  • Rocket Languages: An online tool to help you learn new languages, including American Sign Language.


  • Freegal: A service that gives you access to nearly 1 million songs, as well as the ability to download and keep them for free.

Special Interest

The following services are not offered through the library but are freely available for anyone who needs them. Links will take you to each organization's website.

In the Library

If you'd rather use physical materials in the library but don't want to ask a librarian or search the catalog, these Dewey Decimal numbers can be used to locate nonfiction concerning certain topics.

  • Abuse: 362.76
  • Abusive Relationships: 362.8292
  • AIDS/HIV: 616.9792
  • Alcohol: 362.292
  • Date rape: 362.883
  • Depression: 616.8527
  • Divorce: 306.89
  • Drugs: 362.2
  • Eating disorders: 616.8526
  • Puberty: 612.661
  • Sex: 613.951
  • STDs: 616.951
  • Suicide: 362.2

Librarians will never judge you or make assumptions based on the materials you check out, but if you'd like to avoid the librarians altogether, you can use the self-checkout machine located next to the main desk. (You must have your library card with you and your account must be in good standing in order to use self-checkout.)

And remember: the items you have checked out on your account are considered privileged information. We will not share that information with anyone, including your parents, unless we receive a court order.