Dental Insurance

The Town's dental provider is Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Please remember if you are also enrolled in Blue Cross Medical insurance you may be eligible for additional free benefits for services linked to certain medical conditions.

You have a choice of enrolling in either the Dental Blue Freedom "Higher" Plan (PDF), or the Dental Blue Freedom "Lower" Plan (PDF), the difference is the amount of coverage for specific Benefit Groups of services (i.e., Crowns, Implants, Fillings).

Both Plan choices are PPOs, which means you could choose to go to an in-network Dentist or an out-of-network Dentist. You may also qualify for Dental Blue Enhanced Dental Benefits for members with Qualifying Conditions.

To review the costs associated with the Plan choices see the Benefit Cost Summary (PDF).

If you are over the age of 65 and are a Massachusetts resident, you are eligible to sign up for Dental Blue 65 directly with Blue Cross Blue Shield.