In 1912 Albert E Hopkins was appointed the first Fire Chief of Littleton's Fire Department. Upon his retirement in 1940, Chief Blood was replaced by Chief Flint Furbush. Chief Clarence Hunt came next in 1961 followed by John McGovern in 1967. Chief McGovern was succeeded by Chief James Ogilvie who served until 1981 when he was replaced by Robert Maynard who served as Acting Chief until Lt. Gary McCarraher was promoted to Fire Chief. In 1992 Chief McCarraher resigned from the Littleton Fire Department and Deputy Chief Bruce Larsen was appointed the interim Chief until Alex McCurdy stepped in to take over the position in 1993.

After the transition of the Chief's position from a "weak" chief to a "strong" chief in 2004 and following the retirement of Chief McCurdy, Bruce Larsen was asked to return from retirement to serve as the interim chief while the Board of Selectmen searched for a new permanent fire chief. This arrangement lasted until 2005, at which point Stephen Carter was appointed as the next fire chief. In December 2011 Chief Carter resigned to accept the Chief's position in the town of Lincoln. Captain Steele McCurdy was appointed as Interim Chief until November of 2012 when Scott Wodzinski was sworn in as the new full time fire chief.