Community Emergency Response Team

Community Emergency Response Team

Mission Statement

To provide area residents and first responders a quality resource for safety education, hazard mitigation, emergency response assistance, and other volunteer efforts.

What is CERT?

In the event of a major disaster, Fire and Police services that are normally able to respond at a moment's notice may be delayed, sometimes for an extended period of time. Factors such as: call volume, on-going dangerous weather, road blockages, communication and infrastructure failures can inhibit emergency services during the initial phases of a large-scale emergency. During this time, it can be vital for citizens to be able to initiate their own emergency response until professional services can reach you. CERT is a team of towns people, open to any Littleton town residents, trained to recognize the needs for immediate service, provide lifesaving medical services, basic triage, rescuer safety and how to act as an extension of the professional rescue service.

More information on CERT is available at the FEMA website or questions regarding Littleton's CERT team can be directed to