Banking & Tax Forms

Tax Forms

To complete your State tax return you will need the health care enrollment information from Blue Cross. It was mailed directly to your home. However, you can also access it directly at Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Federal & State Tax Forms

New W4s (Federal) or M4s (State) should be completed when your personal or financial situations change so that the Town can withhold the proper amounts of Federal and State taxes from your paycheck. Full instructions can be found on the forms. Please submit the completed and signed/dated documents to HR.

2019 W2 Reports

For 2019 we have two different payroll systems covering the year and therefore you may have two W2 forms to file with your taxes.

The W2 with red printing, covers the paychecks issued during the months of January through June.

The second form which does not have color, covers the paychecks issued from July through December.

If you have two forms, you must use both sets of data when filing your taxes.

Each payroll system is a little different so the information in Box 14 will appear differently in each form. Box 14 is not required to be populated so we summarize what we can here just for your informational purposes.

Please also remember that the W2 is not a statement of your gross earnings. It is a statement of your taxable earnings only. You may have several pre-tax deductions that lower your taxable earnings and it is taxable earnings are reported to the IRS and State of Massachusetts.

When you have completed your annual tax return it is always a good time to review your W4 and M4 tax exemptions to determine if you need to adjust your withholdings. The Federal government has issued a new W4 form to hopefully be in better sync with all of the new tax changes of 2018 so you may wish to complete a new one if you are finding your withholdings are either too high or too low. Blank copies of the W4 and M4 can be found on the Human Resource page of the Town website.

Payroll Direct Deposits (ACH Credits)

The Town of Littleton requires net deposit for all funds processed through payroll for all new employees. You may also direct funds into as many as three separate bank accounts using Direct Deposit.

Direct Deposit will allow you to specify the amount to be deposited into the designated account each pay period. The remaining funds will be deposited into the net deposit account.

Notification of payroll deposits will be sent to the email you designate on the net deposit form.

This supports our "go green" initiatives by minimizing paper and envelopes. Use the link below to access the net deposit and direct deposit forms and return them to HR. We do require an original signed copy and one form for each bank account used.

Benefit Premium Payments (ACH Debits)

For recurring payments to the Town, such as benefit payments by retirees, or employees on leave, we require the use of an automatic debit withdrawal from your bank account. Use the following link to access the form. Send the completed form authorizing the withdrawal from your account to HR.

Digital Credit Union (DCU)

The Town of Littleton is a Select Employee Group at DCU. Employees are eligible to become members of the Credit Union.