Marriage Licenses

Obtaining a Marriage License

If you wish to be married in the State of Massachusetts you must obtain a marriage license.

  • Applicants must appear together to file their intentions to be married.
  • Paperwork required for each person to bring to apply for a license: 
    • Driver's License or Passport (An unexpired goverment issued ID with a picture) and
    • Birth Certificate and
    • Social Security Card (or something to evidencing Social Security number).
  • If being married by a One Day Solemnizer, bring the certificate of authorization that the officiant received from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (A copy of or email to is acceptable however the original will be required before the final Marriage Certificate can be issued).   More Information regarding applying to be a One Day Solemniser click HERE 
  • The license to marry will be issued no sooner than three days after the filing for intent to marry (Massachussett's Requirement).
  • The fee of $25 is due at the time of filing Intentions.
  • Additionally there is a $10 charge for each Marriage Certificate you will be requesting.
  • Payments:
    • In-person payments can be made by cash, check, or credit/debit cards.
    •  Checks are to be made payable to:  Town of Littleton.
    • Credit or Debit card payments are subject to a processing fee.
  • After satisfying the three-day waiting period:
    • The marriage license can be picked up by either party.  You will be asked to CLOSELY review this document for errors.  This will become the legal document including any typographical errors!  This license is also what your officiant will sign after your ceremony is completed.  Please be mindful of our business hours for pick-up especially if you are VERY close to your wedding date.
    • The marriage must take place in Massachusetts and within sixty days of the date that the Intentions were filed.  If the marriage does not occur within 60 days of filing date, then a new filing of intentions and fee will be required.
  • The final/official Certificate of Marriage can be issued once the marriage license is completed by the officiant and the Town Clerk has received the marriage license back.  Please let us know if you would like the certificate(s) mailed or plan to pick it up.  

Applicants are encouraged to call the Clerk's Office at 978-540-2401 to confirm the requirements for obtaining a marriage license and/or to make an appointment.