Raffle Permits

To apply for a permit your organization must be a non-profit. If you have had a permit previously, we will need to have a copy of your completed annual report for that year prior to issuing a new permit. Please complete:

*Payments made by credit/debit cards are subject to a processing fee

*Checks are to be made payable to the Town of Littleton

Once you have returned these to the Clerk's Office, you will be issued a permit. Permits are effective for one year from issue.

Annual Report

View the Annual Raffle Report Form (PDF)

An annual report is required for all permits issued. Without filing an annual report the State will have no way of knowing the difference between a permit that never held any raffles, or one that had huge gains that never filed, to any number of circumstances in between.

The annual report is inclusive of all raffles held during the 12 months of the permit. In other words, the annual report is not for each event you held but a total of all your events held during the time your permit was effective.

Once you have completed all your events for your Raffle Permitted Year, please complete the annual report form and return it to the Clerk's Office.

More Information:

Visit the Massachusetts Guidance on Raffles page.

Frequently Asked Questions