Solicitor Permits

  2. 2023 Approved Solicitors

All Businesses or Persons wishing to go door to door OR mobile food trucks soliciting on any public property in Littleton are required to have a permit.

Permits are good for this current calendar year only.


  • $100.00  (This cost is for the business and includes one solicitor)
  • $25.00 (For each additional solicitor within the business)

The prerequisites for a permit:

Return the above forms, documents, and payment by:

  • Visit us during our regular business hours OR Mail to: Littleton Town Clerk's Office P.O. Box 1305 Littleton MA 01460
  • In-person payments may be made by cash, check or charge/debit card.
  • Card payments are subject to a processing fee.
  • Check payments are to be made payable to the Town of Littleton

Terms and conditions:

  • No soliciting can be done until all paperwork is received, all CORIs are approved and badges are picked up. 
  • All solicitors must be respectful and take NO for an answer
  • All solicitors must have their badge on them & viewable at all times
  • The permit for the entire company will be revoked at the LPD’s 2nd warning of complaint or non-compliance.
  • A $200.00 fine per person is applicable if continuing after revocation.

Door to Door Soliciting:

  • Check in DAILY with the Littleton Police station & provide them with the streets/neighborhoods being solicited (located at 500 Great Rd)
  • Soliciting is 9-5 (& completely off all personal properties by 6)
  • Soliciting is Monday through Friday Only

Food Truck Vendors:

  • Soliciting hours are from 9am to dusk. 
  • Vendors participating in town approved events, may have these hours extended to the hours of the event.