Littleton Master Plan

The final Master Plan for the Town of Littleton is now available for download. Please click on the link below to access the PDF.

View the Final Master Plan (PDF).

Plans for 2030

Looking Toward the Future

The Plan for 2030 in Littleton, Massachusetts challenges us to think into the not-so-distant future and envision the place we want Littleton to be. What characteristics about the Town do residents want to see preserved or enhanced? What characteristics do residents want to see changed or improved? This Master Plan process will use your input, together with data on current and future trends, best practices, and innovations to lay out a pathway to achieving the vision, goals, and recommendations in the final document. The end goal of the planning process is to provide Littleton with a set of implementation steps that are realistic, sustainable, and financially sound.

The Plan for 2030 Will Be

Relevant and Resilient

The Plan will be relevant not only for today but also moving forward out to the year 2030. The Plan will also be resilient and adapt to changing demographics, economics, and environmental conditions.

Innovative and Creative

Shaping the future of Littleton will require creative thinking and incorporating innovative ideas. The Plan will include forward-thinking ideas that will help Littleton stand out as a model among peer communities.

Well Informed

The process will include a robust public engagement program that includes a mix of large public forums and small focused topic area discussions. In the end, the Plan should reflect the viewpoints and values of the whole community.


Themes and strategies reflecting environmental, social, and financial sustainability will be weaved throughout the document.