245 Foster Street

Preliminary Subdivision - Industrial Property
A preliminary subdivision application for a 2-lot Industrial A Subdivision was submitted on October 30, 2023. MGL Chapter 41 Section 81S allows the Planning Board 45 days to render a decision on this plan. 

Preliminary Subdivision Decision 
Extension Request - Preliminary Subdivision

Transmittal Letter
Application Form B
Preliminary Subdivision Plan

Comments on Preliminary Subdivision:
Nashoba BoH Agent Garreffi

Fall 2023: On Oct. 12, 2023 the Planning Board approved an application (ANR) to divide the 245 Foster Street site into 2 parcels. 

Application Form
Letter of Extension
Initial ANR Plan
Revised ANR Plan

July, 2023 Update: The property owner has shared a development proposal with the Planning Board for discussion at the July 20, 2023 Planning Board meeting.
Cover Letter
Preliminary Subdivision Plan

There have been numerous development proposals over time for this site, including the following:
Conceptual Retail Village 2005
Office Site Plan 2005
Sketch Plan 2002

News from 2018: The Planning Board opened a Public Hearing on an application for Commercial Development at 245 Foster Street on Thursday, June 7; continued the Public Hearing over the course of several meeting dates, and closed on October 4, 2018.