Babcock, Alice (JPG)1852 to 1940
Babcock, George Parker1858 to 1927
Bailey, Reginald1927 to 2007
Bailey, Shirley Grace (Wilde) (PDF)1932 to 2000
Bailey, unknownN/A
Baine, Margaret A.1872 to 1891
Baker, Betsey1791 to 1856
Baker, Dorcas (Whitney)died 1832
Baker, Elizabeth (Reed)1761 to 1835
Baker, Ezra1753 to 1826
Baker, Gordon E (PDF)1928 to 2019
Baker, James1791 to 1816
Baker, June I.1931 to 2021
Baker, Lucy1802 to 1870
Baker, Mary Edied 1943
Baker, Richard E (JPG)1956 to 1977
Baker, William1796 to 1828
Balasubramanian, Ananthkumar1974 to 2018
Baldwin, Marjorie (Alexander) (JPG)1921 to 1979
Balfour, Bertha Muriel (Hirtle) (PDF)1927 to 2003
Ball, Holly (Sweatt) (PDF)1964 to 2021
Ball, Joseph William1907 to 1986
Ball, Mary Frances (Howard) (PDF)1917 to 1998
Banest, Albin Joseph (JPG)1929 to 1983
Banest, Laura Ann (JPG)1958 to 1964
Banks, Earl Francis (PDF)1934 to 2020
Banks, Margaret Kathleen (McGovern) (PDF)1915 to 1989
Banks, Percy Ingals (JPG)1909 to 1991
Barbato, Gloria (Cataldo) (JPG)1926 to 1990
Barbato, Silvester D. (JPG)1918 to 1996
Barber, Agnes Viola1891 to 1906
Barber, Alvin Patten1898 to 1899
Barber, Angeline Smith (Patten)1831 to 1903
Barber, Bertram S1893 to 1906
Barber, Esther Louise (McCaig) (PDF)1901 to 1994
Barber, Giles A. (PDF)1867 to 1948
Barber, Joseph1831 to 1898
Barber, Margaret Ann (McCraig) (PDF)1866 to 1948
Barber, Violet Marguerite1895 to 1895
Barker, Abel1800 to 1878
Barker, Ann Elizadied 1844
Barker, Arthur R.1890 to 1958
Barker, Bernice (Arnold) (JPG)1894 to 1948
Barker, Emily Jane (Proctor)1850 to 1951
Barker, Emma Jane1842 to 1901
Barker, Florence S (Whitcomb)1893 to 1957
Barker, George H.1838 to 1839
Barker, George Nathan, Capt. (PDF)1886 to 1957
Barker, Henry1844 to 1945
Barker, Mary (Brown) (PDF)1804 to 1887
Barker, Nancie Porter (Dodge)1804 to 1833
Barlay, Gregory Bernard (PDF)1970 to 2020
Barlow, Baby BoyN/A
Barnes, Bertha Ann1863 to 1942
Barnes, Herbert1870 to 1948
Baron, Alfred1917 to 1990
Baron, Frances (Parnell) (PDF)1928 to 2004
Barrow, Fannie Lydia (Durkee) (JPG)1856 to 1936
Barrow, Lena May (Lund)1884 to 1938
Barrow, Richard Taylor (PDF)1863 to 1954
Barteaux, Della May (Case)N/A
Barteaux, Edgar1876 to 1943
Barteaux, Edgar Leroy1897 to 1982
Barteaux, Ella May (Wilkins)1878 to 1956
Barteaux, Harry P.1870 to 1940
Barteaux, James Wdied 1939
Barteaux, Kenneth M.1904 to 1989
Barteaux, Mabel (Dewey) (PDF)1902 to 1994
Barteaux, Maynarddied 1842
Barteaux, Minnie May (Littlefield)1868 to 1945
Barteaux, Nahum M.1906 to 1906
Bartkus, Lois (Delaney) (PDF)1936 to 2019
Bartkus, Walter Edward (PDF)1934 to 2019
Bartlett, Ada1852 to 1903
Bartlett, Elbridge G.1816 to 1858
Bartlett, Florence Belldied 1851
Bartlett, Gretchen H.died 1991
Bartlett, Minerva Edied 1830
Bartlett, Warren1855 to 1927
Basnett, James F. (PDF)1932 to 2013
Bates, Harriet Robinsondied 1981
Bates, John Sayward1914 to 2002
Batting, Elaine (Gould) (PDF)1947 to 1994
Battles, Edward Lovett1830 to 1885
Battles, Frank E1861 to 1863
Battles, Sarah Maria (Jewett)1835 to 1909
Baxter, Carleton I.1923 to 1969
Baxter, Louise Altheadied 1988
Baxter, Ralph Frederick1901 to 1992
Baxter, Stillborn1978 to 1978
Beach, Dorothy Elizabethdied 1991
Bearor, Esther A.1905 to 1996
Beaulieu, Joshua Stephen1988 to 1988
Bedell, JennieN/A
Bedell, WalterN/A
Bell, Charles Marcus (PDF)1925 to 2003
Bell, Edgar D., Dr. (PDF)1920 to 2001
Bell, Ellen (PDF)1926 to 2005
Bell, Phyllis Marie (PDF)1927 to 1998
Bellinger, Gwendolyn Prouty (Sullivan) (PDF)1922 to 2003
Belliveau, Stephen (PDF)1948 to 2014
Bengasa, Nona J.1909 to 1983
Bengasa, Vincent R.1902 to 1984
Benham, Frank Arthur Jr. (PDF)1913 to 1974
Benham, Frank A. III (PDF)1943 to 2019
Benham, George Paul (PDF)1912 to 2001
Benham, Mary E1912 to 1981
Benham, Pauline (Bennett) (PDF)1912 to 1957
Benjamin, Margaret E (Downey) (PDF)died 1994
Bennett, Greta B.died 2007
Bennett, Richard Arthur (PDF)1939 to 2003
Bennett, Richard R. (PDF)1946 to 2004
Bennett, Sandra Joan (Hebert) (PDF)1958 to 1993
Benson, Alice May1891 to 1958
Benson, Rollin O. (JPG)1893 to 1964
Bentle, Clarence (PDF)1933 to 2011
Bentle, Barbara A. (Schaub) (PDF)1932 to 2004
Benton, Christine A.1948 to 1995
Benton, Richard L.died 2012
Bergen, Edward C., Jr. (PDF)1936 to 2022
Berry, Barbara (Bacon) (PDF)1920 to 2003
Berry, Norman (PDF)1915 to 2010
Besso, Garrett John (PDF)1928 to 2005
Betts, Lori E1982 to 1986
Bevins, Priscilla L.1924 to 1987
Bevins, Ralph E (PDF)1925 to 2017
Biagioni, Joseph Anthony (PDF)1931 to 2019
Biagioni, Rita C. (O'Leary) (PDF)1924 to 2017
Bibbins, Carol (Hooker) (PDF)1930 to 2018
Bibbins, Lance Lackens (PDF)1927 to 2016
Bibeault, Edgar Lorenzo (PDF)1924 to 2004
Bibeault, Marcella Maria (PDF)1926 to 2007
Bickford, Velta (Mei)1925 to 2007
Billings, Abby S1842 to 1926
Bishop, Henry Melcher1904 to 1967
Bishop, Louise W1904 to 1994
Bishop, Mary Ruth1923 to 1980
Blackburn, Jonathan Lawton (PDF)1980 to 2002
Blais, Infant female1976 to 1976
Blaisdell, Eleanore Hollis (Holmes) (PDF)1914 to 2011
Blaisdell, Jane A. (McGovern)1907 to 1985
Blake, John Freeman Jr. (PDF)1920 to 2002
Blanchard, Calvin Jr.1780 to 1850
Blanchard, Nancy S (Warren)1793 to 1880
Blanchard, Nathan Hoar1806 to 1860
Blanchard, Rebeckah Nye1800 to 1890
Blatchford, Frederick M.1853 to 1912
Blatchford, John1821 to 1912
Blatchford, Lydia Wright1827 to 1913
Blatchford, William H.1856 to 1915
Bliss, Edward1870 to 1940
Bliss, Ida Borden1870 to 1940
Blood, Adelaide Jane (Robblee)1896 to 1957
Blood, Elizabeth1901 to 1941
Blood, George H.1856 to 1945
Blood, George Leslie1896 to 1969
Blood, Paul K.died 1975
Boardman, Hannah Marion (Moore)N/A
Bodley, Ethel A. (Wyman)1876 to 1944
Bolles, Anna Louise (Gammons)1835 to 1855
Bolles, Clarissa (Warren)1813 to 1889
Bolles, Daniel B.1800 to 1880
Bolles, Fernando1835 to 1861
Bolles, Sarah1825 to 1842
Bolles, Warren1823 to 1860
Bond, Henry George1890 to 1971
Bond, June Ethlyndied 1982
Bonnell, Cassie Jane (MacGregor)1873 to 1952
Bonnell, George Cox1876 to 1945
Bonnell, George Ellsworthdied 1905
Bonnell, Gladys Ocenia1903 to 1903
Bonnell, OceniaN/A
Bonnell, William Putnam1840 to 1901
Boschetto, Andrew Raymond (PDF)1934 to 1982
Boschetto, Cecelia "Maxine" (Williams) (PDF)1936 to 2009
Boschetto, Brenda Raymond1974 to 1978
Bostrom, Annadied 1993
Bouchard, Eugene C. Sr.1905 to 1975
Bouchard, Grace Ann (Duca) (PDF)1913 to 2004
Bourassa, Dollard J. (PDF)1929 to 2007
Bourassa, Sean David1986 to 1986
Bove, Timothy J. (PDF)1978 to 2015
Bowdoin, Priscilla Eva Rouillard Bennett1909 to 1990
Bowe, Patrick Francis (PDF)1932 to 2018
Bowers, Betsy (Holden)1789 to 1880
Bowers, George Whitcomb1872 to 1907
Bowers, Jane Carol1859 to 1962
Bowers, John W, Jr. (PDF)1929 to 2017
Bowers, Mary Ellen (Whitcomb)1838 to 1906
Bowers, Mary Parker1869 to 1906
Bowers, SS.died 1858
Bowers, Sally Ann (Healy)1929 to 2023
Bowers, Sarah L. (Jewett)1809 to 1866
Bowers, Thomas R.1823 to 1840
Bowers, William1788 to 1868
Bowers, William A.died 1863
Bowers, William Jr.1815 to 1903
Bowers, William T.1846 to 1846
Bowman, Elvira Sdied 1919
Boyd, James Gordon1963 to 1963
Boyd, Leona R. (Knox) (PDF)1920 to 2002
Boyd, Lloyd William1918 to 1985
Boyle, Gerald Joseph (PDF)1920 to 2002
Boyle, Kathleen M. (Meehan) (PDF)1928 to 1995
Bracken, Lisa Jeanne (PDF)1976 to 2016
Bracken, Raymond Ronald (PDF)1942 to 2017
Bradbury, Alfred W1908 to 1967
Bradbury, Alfred W Jr (PDF)1932 to 2017
Bradbury, Ida Garnett (Morris) (PDF)1933 to 2015
Bradlee, Arthur Fennimore1877 to 1940
Bradlee, Eliza May (Hobbs)1877 to 1960
Bradlee, Pearl I.died 1991
Bradlee, Robert H.1908 to 1983
Bradley, Albert S1852 to 1933
Bradley, Alice B.1858 to 1941
Bradley, Emma A. (Whittemore)1851 to 1929
Bradley, Josephine A. (Cirasano) (PDF)1913 to 1984
Bradley, Josiah H.1817 to 1890
Bradley, Mary (Jefferds)1823 to 1890
Bradley, Raymond Edgar (PDF)1907 to 1998
Branagen, Robert Charles (PDF)1921 to 2007
Branagan, Sylvia L. (Goodwin)1920 to 1979
Branigan, Mansfield1913 to 1953
Branigan, Phyllis W (PDF)1917 to 1998
Breault, Makenzie Elizabeth (PDF)2020 to 2020
Brennan, John Joseph (PDF)1957 to 2005
Brennan, John Joseph, Sr.died 1991
Brennan, Lenita (Lively) (PDF)1933 to 2011
Brennan, Maureen C. (PDF)1958 to 2022
Breuner, Nancy1927 to 2012
Bridge, John1766 to 1825
Briggs, Ada L. (Wilkinson)1873 to 1944
Briggs, Artemas Washburn1842 to 1914
Briggs, Benjamin Forrest1873 to 1959
Briggs, Ella G. (Jefts)1838 to 1919
Briggs, Stanley H.1902 to 1907
Brigham, Howard H. (PDF)1916 to 1985
Brigham, Welma (Leeman) (PDF)1920 to 2015
Brisson, Arthur William II1925 to 1986
Britt, Geraldine (O'Brien) (PDF)1951 to 2005
Britton, Adeline H.1811 to 1844
Brodeur, Ethel Irene (Moore)1882 to 1963
Brodeur, Wilfred Leonide1882 to 1960
Brookings, Elizabeth (Brown)1914 to 1976
Brookings, Frederick1899 to 1976
Brooks, Matthew1743 to 1825
Brooks, MelvinN/A
Brooks, Muriel Phalondied 1987
Brooks, Richard Walker (PDF)1920 to 2011
Brooks, Richard Anderson (PDF)1940 to 2000
Brooks, Theresa Mary1960 to 1995
Brooks, Virginia (Stearns) (PDF)1921 to 1993
Broughton, Beverly (Crain) (PDF)1924 to 2006
Broughton, Everett L. (PDF)1925 to 2008
Brown, Agnes F. (Bradshaw)N/A
Brown, Alice Martha (PDF)1868 to 1905
Brown, Alvah1801 to 1871
Brown, Amanda M. (Pingrey)1826 to 1902
Brown, Anna Delanna Hewlett born1889
Brown, Anna Hartwell (Whitcomb)1862 to 1957
Brown, Annie Edied 1937
Brown, Augustus W1824 to 1894
Brown, BabyN/A
Brown, Baby1922 to 1922
Brown, Charles1809 to 1898
Brown, Charles A.1852 to 1872
Brown, Charles Henry1859 to 1859
Brown, Clarence Warren1888 to 1946
Brown, Elethiane (Burnham)1821 to 1863
Brown, Elizabeth G. (Harlow)1821 to 1884
Brown, Ellsworth H. (PDF)1910 to 1985
Brown, Elwin Stephen1885 to 1918
Brown, Emma Jane (Tozier)1839 to 1929
Brown, Florence Josephine (Hutchins)1860 to 1935
Brown, Frederick Lovesdied 1977
Brown, George A.died 1878
Brown, George D.died 1816
Brown, George D.1821 to 1895
Brown, George Francis1836 to 1917
Brown, George Lombard1830 to 1921
Brown, George Marshall1883 to 1952
Brown, George Oscar1886 to 1922
Brown, George S1855 to 1933
Brown, Gertrude F.died 1989
Brown, Harriet Newell Brown Parker1821 to 1892
Brown, Harvey D.1831 to 1910
Brown, Hattie Harlow1860 to 1860
Brown, Helen A. (Roberts)1842 to 1925
Brown, Helen Starbird1877 to 1934
Brown, Henry Ernest1872 to 1942
Brown, Henry S1833 to 1929
Brown, HeywoodN/A
Brown, James Madison1810 to 1892
Brown, Jerusha C.1834 to 1904
Brown, Josia W Rev.1812 to 1890
Brown, Katherine C.1894 to 1976
Brown, Laura A.1852 to 1929
Brown, Laura K.died 1848
Brown, Lawrence Arthurdied 1991
Brown, Lillian A.1921 to 1992
Brown, Lovey (Blodget)1827 to 1905
Brown, Lovey Ann Jane1827 to 1914
Brown, Marion M.1881 to 1975
Brown, Marshall1855 to 1934
Brown, Mary E1844 to 1934
Brown, Mary Eliza1861 to 1863
Brown, Mary F.1870 to 1954
Brown, Mary Odell (Barker)1830 to 1914
Brown, Mary Pickard Page (PDF)1921 to 2001
Brown, Mehitable D.died 1871
Brown, Nathan Jr.died 1846
Brown, Paul L.1865 to 1944
Brown, Richard W (PDF)1920 to 2008
Brown, Rosemary WymanN/A
Brown, Ruth (Thacher)1891 to 1974
Brown, Ruth Ulrica1895 to 1896
Brown, Sally (Davis)1797 to 1883
Brown, Sally Wdied 1876
Brown, Samuel Heywood1819 to 1880
Brown, Sarah E (Stone)1845 to 1934
Brown, Sarah Robinson (Warren)1864 to 1943
Brown, Stillborn babyN/A
Brown, Susan L.1857 to 1858
Brown, Ulric Freeman1870 to 1896
Brown, Walter Davis1825 to 1890
Brown, Wendell1928 to 1991
Brown, Wilbur Marshall1917 to 1990
Brown, William Chalmers1857 to 1931
Brown, William Gibson1859 to 1928
Brown, William H.1843 to 1925
Bruce, Eunice1877 to 1964
Bruce, Henrietta1853 to 1904
Bruce, Marshall Ney1818 to 1885
Bruce, Mary Ann1817 to 1903
Bruce, Mary Jane (Chaplin)1851 to 1925
Bruce, Wilbur Lamson1874 to 1952
Brule, Dorothy (Shea) (PDF)1921 to 2011
Brule, Roger Joseph (PDF)1924 to 2009
Brule, William I.1914 to 1972
Budra, Alice M. (Raposo) (PDF)1933 to 2011
Budra, James Edward (PDF)1943 to 1993
Budra, Leo F. (PDF)1932 to 2011
Buehner, Carl R.1938 to 2001
Buehner, Judy R. (Raymond) (PDF)1941 to 1995
Bulkeley, Charles1813 to 1834
Bulkeley, Edward P.1849 to 1852
Bulkeley, John1797 to 1862
Bulkeley, Joseph1767 to 1836
Bulkeley, Joseph1824 to 1859
Bulkeley, Louisa Fletcher1827 to 1903
Bulkeley, Lucy E (Snow)1829 to 1892
Bulkeley, Nabby (Grimes)1770 to 1859
Bulkeley, Stedman H.1828 to 1856
Bulkeley, Susan (Sukey) (Snow)1799 to 1865
Bullerwell, Alice E1896 to 1936
Bullerwell, James Lindsay Brown1897 to 1976
Burbine, Ronald Louis1951 to 1955
Burbine, Silvana A.M. (Fratini) (PDF)1921 to 2008
Burbine, Thomas Joseph (PDF)1918 to 2006
Burgess, Patricia A. (Burns)1943  to 2022
Burke, Dorothy (Penta) (PDF)1923 to 2020
Burke, Herbert D.1885 to 1954
Burke, Marie (PDF)1954 to 2014
Burke, Mary J. S1870 to 1953
Burke, Philip Thomasdied 1997
Burnham, Asenath Augusta1811 to 1881
Burnham, Daniel Dadmun1815 to 1900
Burnham, Elisha Y.1816 to 1817
Burnham, Henry Osgood1843 to 1913
Burnham, Lizzie C. (PDF)1854 to 1899
Burnham, Lucy Ann (Pingrey)1823 to 1902
Burnham, Lusana R. (Sussanna)1814 to 1819
Burnham, Mary Angeline (Pingrey)1827 to 1892
Burnham, William Henry1876 to 1940
Burnham, William Newton1813 to 1892
Burns, Andrea R.1974 to 1974
Burns, Donald Robert (PDF)1927 to 2000
Burns, Dorothy "Dollie" (Roberts) (PDF)N/A
Burns, EthelCady to 2015
Burns, Francis Patrick1918 to 1982
Burns, Lawrence J. (PDF)1908 to 1986
Burns, Mary Catherine (Leary) (PDF)1909 to 2002
Burrill, Blanche (Jurga)1921 to 2006
Burrill, Ralph C. (PDF)1918 to 2013
Burtt, Jerome1890 to 1981
Burtt, Mildred Morris (Flagg)1893 to 1970
Butler, Cyril H.died 1983
Butler, Edith L. (Golden)1906 to 2003
Bye, Priscilla M. (PDF)1929 to 2005
Byington, Stillborn1947 to 1947
Byrne, Edward Taft (PDF)1936 to 1998
Byrne, Eleanor Ann1933 to 1950
Byrne, Geraldine L. Fleming (PDF)1899 to 1985
Byrne, John Joseph1905 to 1991
Byrne, Loretta Estelle (Murray)1897 to 1959
Byrne, Margaret Claire (Malloy)1904 to 1996
Byrne, Mary Elizabeth born1959
Byrne, Pauline (Shanahan) (PDF)1931 to 2022
Byrne, Thomas Joseph1930 to 1989
Byrne, William Francis1900 to 1977
Byron, Edward J. (PDF)1912 to 1994
Byron, Valentine Bertha (PDF)1917 to 1998