Cadden, Mildred Ann (Driscoll) (PDF)1932 to 2014
Cadigan, George Joseph1903 to 1972
Calandrello, Barbara Ann (Cousins) (PDF)1932 to 2019
Calder, Ruth1903 to 1981
Caldwell, Baby1951 to 1951
Caldwell, George B. (PDF)1921 to 2006
Caldwell, George Wyllis1926 to 1986
Caldwell, Harold Nute1894 to 1974
Caldwell, Olive Lenore (Brown)1893 to 1976
Caldwell, Phyllis (Torrey) (PDF)1929 to 2015
Caldwell, Priscilla (Currier) (PDF)1919 to 2018
Callum, Alice Louise1911 to 1968
Campbell, Audrey Elizabeth1909 to 1966
Campbell, Helen Margaret (Toomey) (PDF)1940 to 2015
Campbell, Neil G.1904 to 1966
Candage, Lawrence (PDF)1917 to 1985
Candage, Mary Frances (O'Neil)1918 to 2008
Cannava, Frances (Lena) (PDF)1923 to 2009
Cannava, John Anthony (PDF)1921 to 2012
Canney, George Wilber1857 to 1917
Cantino, Adair Agnes (Shattuck) (PDF)1925 to 1994
Cantino, Frank Steven1940 to 1992
Cantino, John Francis (PDF)1918 to 1987
Cantino, Stanley Michael (PDF)1943 to 2009
Cantino, Stephendied 1990
Canton, Leonardo A.N/A
Caples, Leroy Francis (PDF)1932 to 2002
Carberry, Ann (Crompton) (PDF)1931 to 2015
Carberry, James Hugh1926 to 1992
Cardillo, Robert J. (PDF)1949 to 2006
Cardoso De Oliveira, Olivia2023 to 2023
Carlson, BabyN/A
Carlson, Carl Edwin (PDF)1885 to 1985
Carlson, Edward C.N/A
Carlson, John S (PDF)1920 to 2006
Carlson, Gerda C.N/A
Carpenter, Alice Lena1904 to 1980
Carpenter, Baby BoyN/A
Carpenter, Leo J.1903 to 1980
Carrigan, Elizabeth C.1882 to 1936
Carroll, Catherine E (Weisman) (PDF)1917 to 2005
Carroll, William Norbert1911 to 1985
Carter, Clarence Melvin1879 to 1948
Carter, Jennie B.1882 to 1941
Carter, Sevard R.1922 to 1992
Carton, Ida Priscilla (McDowell)1919 to 1993
Carton, Joseph Francis1913 to 1998
Casey, Blanche M. (PDF)died 1993
Casey, Thomas Richard (PDF)1944 to 1983
Casey, Timothy Cornelius1913 to 1985
Cassie, Jonathon Tyler1994 to 1994
Cassinari, Joyce Ann (Baker) (PDF)1928 to 2018
Cassinari, Peter M. (PDF)1926 to 2017
Caster, Helen Ruth1921 to 1982
Catalanotto, Louis George (PDF)1926 to 2019
Catalanotto, Mary Ann (Shevil)1928 to 2023
Cate, Allan M.1899 to 1984
Cate, Helen1901 to 1985
Catella, Ronald J. (PDF)1936 to 2011
Cavanaugh, Richard Edied 1971
Cerullo, Richard A.1951 to 2001
Chafee, Hattie K. (Martin), Chafee, Walter R.N/A
Chalker, RobertN/A
Chamberlain, Alden B.died 1956
Chamberlain, Clarissa Larkin1801 to 1880
Chamberlain, Harriet M.N/A
Chamberlain, Joseph, died 1939N/A
Chamberlain, Leonara1833 to 1902
Chamberlain, William1800 to 1886
Chamberlain, Edward F.1874 to 1937
Chamberlain, Marcia L. (Pestana) (PDF)1947 to 2019
Chamberlaine, Helendied 1968
Chamberlin, Carrie Delina1872 to 1944
Chamberlin, Eleanordied 1999
Champagne, Charles Elwooddied 1980
Champagne, Edith (Alexander) (PDF)1907 to 1964
Champagne, Jean Ellen (PDF)1935 to 2020
Champagne, William Henry1931 to 1975
Champagne, William Henry (PDF)1950 to 2004
Champney, Alice B. (Moreau) (PDF)1931 to 2008
Champney, Edna Estalla (Chase, Nixon)1880 to 1948
Champney, James F. (PDF)1928 to 2012
Champney, Ryan Thomas1989 to 1989
Chandler, Charles Henry1905 to 1974
Chandler, Garvindied 2012
Chandler, Ruth Marion (Crane) (PDF)1903 to 1984
Chant, Carol Ann (Peterson) (PDF)1938 to 2015
Chapin, Barbara (PDF)died 2013
Chapin, Louisa (Warren)died 1874
Chaple, Edith A. (Fuller)1880 to 1958
Chaple, Gerald J.1962 to 1968
Chaple, Glenn Fuller1922 to 1992
Chaple, James Joseph1877 to 1963
Chaple, Matilda Jane1929 to 1994
Chappel, Kenneth H. (PDF)1926 to 2017
Chappel, L. Barbara (Roy)1926 to 2002
Chappel, Margaret (Hunter) (PDF)1878 to 1922
Chappel, Thomas GeorgeN/A
Chapple, Warren H.1905 to 1945
Chapple, William G.1870 to 1911
Charlton, Alice, M.died 2015
Charter, Susan (Ramsdell)died 1885
Chase, Claire Annadied 1936
Chase, Dorothea (Condon) (PDF)1924 to 2020
Chase, Grace (Ames) (PDF)1913 to 2003
Chase, John Henry1852 to 1929
Chase, Louise J. (Ellsworth)1883 to 1959
Chase, Lyman Matthew1909 to 1993
Chase, Lyman Moakley1880 to 1966
Chase, Lyman W (PDF)1879 to 1966
Chase, Mary E (PDF)1957 to 2022
Chase, Sarah Anne1746 to 1826
Chase, William (PDF)1919 to 1999
Chesley, Marlene F.1936 to 2023
Chrisfield, Curtis1924 to 1971
Christie, Sarah Clappdied 1927
Christie, William Wdied 1876
Chulada, Marietta Ann1919 to 2001
Chulada, Michael Joseph (PDF)1915 to 2002
Church, Audrey1924 to 1992
Church, Howard F.1915 to 1975
Churchill, Absolom Wells1820 to 1875
Churchill, Augusta P.1874 to 1924
Churchill, Clarence1853 to 1855
Churchill, Harriet Mason (Porter)1825 to 1910
Chute, Agnes SN/A
Ciavardone, Jean P.1918 to 1984
Civita, Mary Rose1900 to 1990
Civita, Paul1891 to 1978
Clancy, Ann Lucille (Navin)1946 to 1989
Clancy, Clara Elizabeth (Nixon)1905 to 1942
Clancy, Walter (PDF)1935 to 2000
Clancy, Willard Lee Sr.1928 to 1997
Clark, Babydied 1910
Clark, Baby Girldied 1968
Clark, Carrie1898 to 1972
Clark, Chester E1881 to 1914
Clark, Cynthia L. (Thomas)1832 to 1891
Clark, Eliza Jane (Anthony)1880 to 1965
Clark, Ellen Augusta1849 to 1917
Clark, Ethel M.1874 to 1874
Clark, Everett G.1926 to 1971
Clark, George H.died 1938
Clark, Kate (Burgess) (PDF)1850 to 1905
Clark, Lewis L.1906 to 1973
Clark, Martin Nelson1878 to 1967
Clark, Salliedied 1888
Clark, Susan Edied 1901
Clark, Theodore E1845 to 1938
Clark, Titus1824 to 1908
Clark, William Warren1912 to 2000
Clement, Clarence E1889 to 1938
Clement, Robert E1917 to 2000
Clement, Roberta E (PDF)1950 to 2014
Cleveland, Bret Allan1959 to 1959
Clifford, Nathaniel Damon (PDF)1975 to 2008
Clough, Charles R.M.1843 to 1848
Clough, Elizabeth A. (Stuart)1815 to 1854
Clough, Mabel B.1878 to 1961
Clyde, John Boothman (PDF)1932 to 2006
Cobe, Phyllis Jean1956 to 1958
Cobe, Wilda M. (Murphy)1919 to 1960
Cobleigh, Eric, Capt.1808 to 1885
Cobleigh, Hannahdied 1872
Cochran, Mary Martha (Bowers) (PDF)1961 to 2018
Coffin, Dorothy Wentworth (Atwell) (PDF)1897 to 1993
Coffin, Holland1890 to 1972
Colarusso, Marie Annedied 1987
Colarusso, Michael A.1907 to 1964
Cole, Nahum1804 to 1861
Cole, Nancy Tuttle1806 to 1850
Cole, Philip C. (PDF)1936 to 2018
Cole, Rebeckah Janet T.1829 to 1851
Collins, Lyman B.1828 to 1915
Collins, Mary (Walsh) (PDF)1943 to 2008
Collins, Timothy (PDF)1936 to 2020
Combes, John O.died 1860
Comeau, Barbara Marie (Clare) (PDF)1925 to 2014
Comeau, Jeffrey P.1949 to 1966
Compton, Margaret Ruth (MacPherson) (PDF)1943 to 2020
Compton, William Henry (PDF)1933 to 2018
Comstock, Annie Gertrude1867 to 1933
Comstock, Frank1856 to 1945
Conant, Adelaide1900 to 1990
Conant, Albert Francis Abbott1843 to 1941
Conant, Alice Elizabethdied 1987
Conant, Anna Whitney (Mead)1816 to 1873
Conant, BabyN/A
Conant, Carrie (Cassidy)1884 to 1967
Conant, Charles Augustus1821 to 1881
Conant, Charles H.1846 to 1915
Conant, Donald Brewster1918 to 1985
Conant, Dorothy Bigelow (Priest)1891 to 1958
Conant, Edna (Hatch)1877 to 1964
Conant, Emma Bickford Fisher1889 to 1975
Conant, Ethel Marion (Brown)1885 to 1954
Conant, Frances (Fannie) (Tuttle)1854 to 1877
Conant, Francis1814 to 1878
Conant, Francis Ober1874 to 1943
Conant, Gardner Tuttle1894 to 1905
Conant, George Arthur1851 to 1883
Conant, Grace Patten, Dr.1871 to 1964
Conant, Hannah Wright1818 to 1892
Conant, Harold Wright1888 to 1965
Conant, Harriet W (Adgate) (PDF)1858 to 1887
Conant, Hattie Gertrude (Freeman)1880 to 1909
Conant, Henry1843 to 1848
Conant, Isabelle Elsiedied 1991
Conant, Josephine Love (Sara)1896 to 1960
Conant, Julia Sophia1847 to 1933
Conant, Laura M.1853 to 1911
Conant, Levi Jr.1810 to 1892
Conant, Levi L.1857 to 1916
Conant, Lizzie Cobleigh (Wright)1860 to 1944
Conant, Lucy Houghton1926 to 1991
Conant, Margaret (PDF)1899 to 1993
Conant, Mehitable, Mrs.1791 to 1837
Conant, Mirriam Abbot1884 to 1966
Conant, Nellie Melinda (Fales)1869 to 1954
Conant, Nelson Brainard1845 to 1927
Conant, Ralph Waldo1886 to 1968
Conant, Roger Freeman (PDF)1909 to 2011
Conant, Ruth Davis (Gilman)1887 to 1949
Conant, Samuel1790 to 1855
Conant, Samuel1814 to 1815
Conant, Sarah (Adams)died 1888
Conant, Sarah Jane (Patten)1846 to 1935
Conant, Sophia (Goldsmith)1819 to 1888
Conant, Stanley Frost (PDF)1892 to 1976
Conant, Waldo Emery1855 to 1932
Conant, Wallace Brainard1876 to 1956
Conant, William Francis1880 to 1959
Conant, William P.1914 to 1987
Condry, Laura M. (Vacca) (PDF)1968 to 2015
Cone, Clinton F., Sr. (PDF)1916 to 1993
Cone, Jordan S1981 to 1997
Cone, Kathleen June (PDF)1923 to 2000
Cone, Timothy1958 to 1958
Conheeney, John1912 to 1997
Conheeney, Leona E (Piper)1905 to 1980
Connolly, Patrick J.died 1966
Connolly, Sarah Elizabeth (Flaherty) (PDF)1909 to 2005
Connors, LeeAnn (PDF)1966 to 2007
Conrad, Peter J.1918 to 1995
Conrad, Phyllis V.1919 to 1988
Conrey, Jennie Rebeccadied 1964
Conroy, William Johndied 1957
Contini, Bruno Richard1922 to 1993
Contini, Helen Marie (Barnes) (PDF)1922 to 2005
Contini, John Joseph1918 to 1983
Contini, William Leo (PDF)1946 to 2015
Convey, James E III (PDF)1950 to 2010
Conville, Charles F.died 1955
Conville, Charles Leo1903 to 1980
Conville, Helen Cecelia (Corcoran) (PDF)1909 to 1988
Cook, Edithdied 1948
Cook, Estelle M. (Rand)died 1955
Cook, George A.died 1945
Cook, Marjoriedied 1910
Cookinham, Avis (Shaw) (PDF)1924 to 2010
Cookinham, Dalton Elwood Young1924 to 1978
Coole, Simeon Jr.1920 to 1983
Cooney, John (PDF)1943 to 2017
Cooper, Eleanor, Marydied 2015
Cooper, Helen Adams (Barker)1925 to 2001
Cooper, Jonathan1781 to 1873
Cooper, Mary (Jefferds)1794 to 1888
Cooper, Sarah (Edson)1783 to 1822
Cooper, William G. (PDF)1933 to 2011
Cooper, William John (PDF)1962 to 1998
Corbett, Donal G.1945 to 1979
Corliss, Edward G. (PDF)1924 to 2001
Corliss, Theresa Marie (Soulard)1925 to 1986
Cormier, Henry J.1921 to 1992
Cormier, Henry Joseph, Jr. (PDF)1947 to 2012
Cormier, Maxyne Dorise (Luca) (PDF)1922 to 2004
Cornish, Babydied 1958
Cornish, Cynthia B.died 1956
Cornish, Raymond M. Jr. (PDF)1925 to 2013
Cornuet, Clarrise (PDF)died 1998
Corrieri, Alfred N1908 to 1981
Corrieri, Angela M. (Langone) (PDF)1911 to 2001
Corrieri, Paul R. (PDF)died 2017
Costigan, Allan H. (PDF)1929 to 2014
Costigan, John Edied 1962
Cotreau, Alphie Ndied 1964
Cotreau, Anne Evelyndied 1960
Cotreau, Estelle Anndied 1985
Cotreau, Gerald S1920 to 1989
Cotreau, Octave Sylviandied 1990
Coulter, Babydied 1992
Coulter, Michael J. (PDF)1952 to 2022
Coulter, Olga (Costigan) (PDF)1926 to 1985
Coulter, William Anthony (PDF)1921 to 1988
Coupal, Arthur R.1936 to 1964
Coupal, Megan Elizabethdied 1993
Coupal, Randy Steven (PDF)1958 to 2000
Couper, Brian DeanN/A
Couper, Dean H. (PDF)1913 to 2003
Couper, Frank E (PDF)1946 to 2011
Couper, Henry Josephdied 1962
Couper, Henry Vincent (PDF)1916 to 1998
Couper, Jennie Louisa (Kimball)1877 to 1950
Couper, Mabel M.1916 to 1975
Cousins, Alfred Raymond1908 to 1981
Cousins, Ashley Bird1897 to 1980
Cousins, Ashley B., Jr. (PDF)1924 to 2002
Cousins, Aurora L. (Ball)1909 to 1998
Cousins, Fred Elmer1864 to 1951
Cousins, Katherine M.1902 to 1981
Cousins, Madelyn L.1903 to 1953
Cousins, Ruth E (PDF)1908 to 2001
Cousins, Willis Ndied 1995
Cowley, Joan Annette1956 to 1975
Cowley, Richard Thomas (PDF)1928 to 2017
Coyle, Elizabeth "Bettye" (Drew) (PDF)1927 to 2022
Coyle, Harold P. (PDF)1923 to 2010
Cox, Barbara (Dixon) (PDF)1930 to 2013
Cox, Edwin Augustus1848 to 1930
Cox, Lizzie L.1854 to 1945
Cozzens, Barbara E (PDF)1940 to 2014
Cozzens, Donald E (PDF)1930 to 2012
Cozzens, Elmer Ernest1904 to 1946
Cozzens, Lindsey Ellsworth1906 to 1957
Cozzens, Milred Wihelmena (Ewing)1908 to 1981
Craig, Elizabeth H.S.1867 to 1953
Cramer, Deanne Leedied 1998
Crane, Annie L. (Millett)1857 to 1932
Crane, Clyde F.died 1960
Crane, Joseph H.1860 to 1944
Crane, Percy L.1887 to 1963
Crane, Pluema (Ewing)1889 to 1946
Crane, William H.H.1845 to 1883
Crane, William Nortondied 1958
Crawford, Josephine (Leonardo)died 1989
Crockett, Susan Gracedied 2015
Croft, Albert Warren Sr. (PDF)1907 to 1998
Croft, Howard Everett (PDF)1941 to 2000
Croft, Mary (Frolio) (PDF)1918 to 2011
Crory, Arthur Donald (PDF)1930 to 2000
Crory, Brian1979 to 1996
Crory, Jennie Marie (Mathisen)1904 to 1987
Crory, Mary Patricia "Pat" (Leary) (PDF)1927 to 2018
Crory, William D. Jr. (PDF)1927 to 2009
Crory, William David Sr.1905 to 1975
Crosby, Clarence Leighton1879 to 1965
Crosby, Salome Letitia (Barteaux)1886 to 1965
Crosby, William J.1993 to 2023
Cross, Arlene Kinder1899 to 1988
Cross, Frank Merrill1888 to 1981
Crowell, Virginia Firthdied 1992
Crowell, Walter S, Jr. (PDF)died 2011
Cudmore, Marion (Dixon)1905 to 1973
Cuglietta, Angelo1904 to 1957
Cummings, Martha, Mrs.died 1832
Cummins, Caroline L. (Raffi)1928 to 2023
Cummins, Helena1897 to 1986
Cummins, James Joseph Jr (PDF)1930 to 2021
Curley, Edmund M. (PDF)1924 to 2009
Curley, Louise Adele (Harnois) (PDF)1931 to 2017
Curley, Marilyndied 1990
Curley, Paul R.died 2010
Curran, George Burton (PDF)1916 to 2006
Curran, Natalie Jones (PDF)1924 to 1986
Curtin, Paul J. (PDF)1939 to 2019
Curtis, Barritt E (PDF)1961 to 2010