Rabbitt, Helen Virginia (Doherty) (PDF)1930 to 2017
Rafferty, Florence1888 to 1973
Rafferty, Henry William1888 to 1974
Raffi, Bertha Mildred (Powers) (PDF)1912 to 2004
Rakip, Annette J.1913 to 1989
Rakip, Female Stillborn1973 to 1973
Rakip, Raymond M.1914 to 1972
Ramsdell, Elizabeth W (Hartwell)1819 to 1896
Ramsdell, George W1806 to 1877
Ramsdell, Henry H.1850 to 1910
Ramsdell, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Merideth (McElroy) (PDF)1857 to 1905
Ramsdell, Lucy (Jewett)1802 to 1873
Ramsdell, Samuel W1815 to 1888
Ramsdell, Samuel Waldo1848 to 1853
Ramsdell, Samuel Waldo1856 to 1893
Rand, Annie Blanchedied 1862
Rand, Arthur H.died 1948
Rand, George Hartwell1841 to 1902
Rand, Gertrude M.died 1919
Randall, Ward S (PDF)1953 to 2008
Raposo, Custodio1878 to 1953
Ratta, Baby Boy1967 to 1967
Raymond, Alma C.died 1959
Raymond, Almeda L.1862 to 1909
Raymond, B. H.1831 to 1903
Raymond, Benjamin1814 to 1911
Raymond, Clara1857 to 1881
Raymond, Ephraim1816 to 1816
Raymond, Everett P.1853 to 1861
Raymond, George B.1845 to 1912
Raymond, Helen M.N/A
Raymond, Henry T. Sr.1909 to 1963
Raymond, Joseph Jr.1771 to 1835
Raymond, Mary Ann (Pierce)1821 to 1845
Raymond, Nancy (Fletcher)1798 to 1870
Raymond, Olive B.1865 to 1865
Raymond, Olvin1796 to 1869
Raymond, Rebecca1835 to 1858
Raymond, Rhoda (Woods)1776 to 1837
Raymond, Sarah Ann1838 to 1842
Read, Charles Thomas (PDF)1902 to 1988
Read, Gardner Bradlee1946 to 1946
Read, Hazel (Bradlee) (PDF)1904 to 2003
Redding, Eliza C.N/A
Redding, James Warren1804 to 1887
Redding, Mary born1853
Redding, Walter S1834 to 1914
Redmond, Gerald Peter1904 to 1972
Redmond, Mabel1908 to 1996
Reed, Alice Gertrude (Swett)1877 to 1911
Reed, Augusta1843 to 1907
Reed, BenjaminN/A
Reed, Bertha May Woodbury (PDF)1896 to 1986
Reed, Brian Alford1958 to 1984
Reed, Carl Shorey (PDF)1898 to 1988
Reed, Caroline A.died 1898
Reed, Charles William1840 to 1910
Reed, Elizabeth Ann (Haynes)1838 to 1865
Reed, Ella Barrett1852 to 1924
Reed, Ella R.1911 to 1917
Reed, Frederick C.1862 to 1929
Reed, Frederick Gardner1886 to 1944
Reed, James Whitney1914 to 1957
Reed, Jean Elizabeth (Ware)died 1994
Reed, Jefferson1813 to 1878
Reed, John B.1835 to 1902
Reed, Joseph Porter1803 to 1892
Reed, Mary "Molly" (Hartwell)1769 to 1827
Reed, Mary Jane (Potter)born 1837
Reed, MelvinN/A
Reed, Nahum Cole (PDF)1838 to 1904
Reed, Nellie Deway (Murphy)1879 to 1963
Reed, Phoebe A.1836 to 1882
Reed, Poulter1767 to 1827
Reed, Rebecca S1840 to 1919
Reed, Ruth (Cole)1807 to 1881
Reed, Samuel Brown1872 to 1948
Reed, Samuel Sargent (PDF)1833 to 1921
Reed, Sarah Ann (Smith)1859 to 1897
Reed, Susan C. (Still)1811 to 1893
Reiser, William J.1941 to 1992
Rempelakis, Emmanuel J. (PDF)1925 to 2022
Rempelakis, Eve Caroline (Proto) (PDF)1928 to 2019
Rennie, Baby Boy1964 to 1964
Ressijac, Louis H. Jr.1950 to 1995
Rhoades, William1797 to 1860
Riccio, Donald Albert (PDF)1949 to 2009
Riccio, Evelyn (Jankins) (PDF)1928 to 2010
Riccio, Silvio A.died 1995
Rice, Alma Ruth (Kirby) (PDF)1957 to 2017
Rice, Anne (Dickey) (PDF)1931 to 2016
Rice, Ettie Maydied 1969
Rice, James E. "Jim"1958 to 2023
Rice, Louise (Williamson)1873 to 1903
Rice, Mary1737 to 1817
Rice, Robert F.1930 to 1997
Rice Thomas Edied 1942
Rich, Desiah1843 to 1910
Rich, Francis A.died 1848
Rich, Henrietta1890 to 1910
Rich, Matilda G.1873 to 1933
Richard, John1809 to 1860
Richard, Mary (Burnham)1806 to 1860
Rick, Julia Edied 1947
Ricker, John A.1884 to 1944
Ricker, Minnie Helen (Pierce)1883 to 1976
Rider, Virginia G. (Shelvey) (PDF)1948 to 2015
Rieck, Clyde Edied 1967
Rieck, Donald K.1926 to 1972
Rieck, Dorothy F.died 1992
Rieter, Elaine K. (Chartier) (PDF)1932 to 2017
Rieter, Howard L. Sr. (PDF)1935 to 2009
Riley, Francis J. (PDF)1925 to 1999
Riley, Helen M.died 1959
Riley, Lillian M.died 1996
Riley, Robert A. (PDF)1937 to 2023
Ripley, Adam David (PDF)1991 to 2017
Ripley, Charles T.1870 to 1941
Ripley, Edward1920 to 1997
Ripley, Kenneth Merrill1931 to 2020
Ripley, Maria (Alka)1903 to 1966
Ripley, Mary A.1879 to 1971
Rivers, Prosper Stanley1936 to 1999
Rivetts, Anthony1917 to 1970
Rivetts, Clement1904 to 1975
Rivetts, Daniel Thomas1949 to 1971
Rivetts, Harry (PDF)1916 to 2001
Rivetts, Mabel (Christian) (PDF)1919 to 2008
Rivetts, Minnie Mary (Cantino) (PDF)1910 to 2001
Rivetts, Patsy1911 to 1969
Rivetts, Peter James1920 to 1988
Rivetts, Sheila Elizabeth (Moore) (PDF)1924 to 1999
Rivetts, Vertrice (Bowling)1924 to 1974
Robbins Arrauna1845 to 1908
Robbins, Adelbert E1891 to 1891
Robbins, Albert W1839 to 1886
Robbins, Amanda Lucinda (Barden)1827 to 1904
Robbins, Asa Farr1859 to 1949
Robbins, Benjamin Wilson (PDF)1815 to 1898
Robbins, Curtis M. (PDF)1848 to 1905
Robbins, Edward F.1824 to 1881
Robbins, Hannah Abia (Whitcomb)1842 to 1865
Robbins, Henry Augustus1860 to 1948
Robbins, Henry Whitefield1856 to 1920
Robbins, Herbert L.1864 to 1908
Robbins, Hollis Lawrence1883 to 1923
Robbins, Jennie1859 to 1941
Robbins, John Fesseden1815 to 1891
Robbins, Louisa Hartwell (Whitcomb)1861 to 1951
Robbins, Mabel Miranda (Hartwell)1880 to 1971
Robbins, Mary Ellendied 1865
Robbins, Mary F.1843 to 1926
Robbins, Mary Frances (Whitcomb) (Sprague)1843 to 1926
Robbins, Sarah A.1853 to 1853
Robbins, Sarah Ann (Ames) (PDF)1823 to 1910
Robbins, Susan Adams (Kimball)1816 to 1903
Robbins, Susie B.1870 to 1912
Robbins, William1829 to 1848
Robbins, William F.1851 to 1951
Robbins, William Henry1880 to 1910
Roberts, Augusta1838 to 1924
Roberts, Charles (PDF)1850 to 1905
Roberts, Eleanor Burbinedied 1972
Roberts, John B.N/A
Roberts, Lillian (Parker)died 1936
Roberts, Margaret (Jones)N/A
Roberts, Paul H.died 1973
Roberts, Robert C.1873 to 1952
Robillard, Baby Girl1958 to 1958
Robinson, Ada Harriet (Snow)1864 to 1932
Robinson, Alan1900 to 1900
Robinson, Caroline E1890 to 1977
Robinson, Caroline E (Nye)1836 to 1906
Robinson, Charles James (PDF)1928 to 2003
Robinson, Edna Mae (Leavitt) (PDF)1912 to 2006
Robinson, Edwin Francis1898 to 1922
Robinson, Edwin N1861 to 1942
Robinson, Edwin Wallace1832 to 1892
Robinson, Eleanor E (Aiken) (PDF)1917 to 1986
Robinson, Elizabeth K.1865 to 1934
Robinson, Ellen Jane (Kelly)died 1964
Robinson, Ernest Henry1887 to 1961
Robinson, Gladys SN/A
Robinson, Hattie A. (Wilson)1860 to 1932
Robinson, Harold J. (PDF)1923 to 2008
Robinson, John H.1855 to 1936
Robinson, John Nye1914 to 2000
Robinson, Joshua1871 to 1957
Robinson, Margaret Inga (PDF)1910 to 2000
Robinson, Mary Harriet (Wright) (PDF)1893 to 1994
Robinson, Patricia Mary (Stevenson)1938 to 2023
Robinson, Richard Irving1917 to 1977
Robinson, Rose Ann (Davies) (PDF)1890 to 1984
Robinson, Wallace Albert1888 to 1965
Roche, John W (PDF)1920 to 2010
Roche, Richard J. "Dick"1955 to 2023
Roche, Rita Julia Mary (McFadden) (PDF)1922 to 1994
Roczinski, Richard W (PDF)1940 to 2007
Rodenhiser, Baby Girl1966 to 1966
Rodenhizer, Erik (PDF)1960 to 2019
Rogan, James E1937 to 1972
Rogers, Brian Joseph (PDF)1949 to 1986
Rogers, Charles D.1949 to 1978
Rogers, John Charles1903 to 1971
Rogers, Joyce J.1904 to 1985
Rogers, Marilyn N (Johnson)1932 to 1986
Rogers, Marilyn Elaine (Warner) (PDF)1946 to 2016
Rollo, Albert F.1892 to 1963
Rollo, Nellie Sdied 1866
Roman, Dawn Marie (Alback) (PDF)1972 to 2012
Romeo, Helena Frances (Murphy) (PDF)1921 to 2002
Romilly, Edgar Phillip (PDF)1919 to 2004
Romilly, Evan Philip1994 to 1994
Romilly, Jean E1917 to 1997
Rood, Barbara Louise (Waugh) (PDF)1918 to 1993
Rood, James Melvindied 1991
Rood, Kenneth James (PDF)1937 to 2015
Rood, Phyllis Sara (Sullivan) (PDF)1941 to 2020
Rooney, Jerome Francis (PDF)1924 to 2008
Rooney, Marion R (Wyman) (PDF)1926 to 2019
Rosen, Wesley A.1919 to 2000
Ross, Ethel Della Handley1911 to 1985
Ross, Leocadia (Frank)1908 to 1977
Ross, Robert Lincoln (PDF)1946 to 1999
Ross, Thomas Andrew1902 to 1971
Rothwell, Paul Loring1938 to 2023
Rougeau, Edward H (PDF)1931 to 2021
Rougeau, June (Maston) (PDF)died 2013
Rouillard, Edgar Joseph1908 to 1973
Rouillard, Ruby Edna1921 to 1991
Rouille, William Oliver1931 to 1982
Rouse, David Fletcherdied 1989
Roy, David James (PDF)1948 to 2001
Roy, Josephine (Rodilosso) (PDF)1933 to 2012
Roy, Robert (PDF)1929 to 2020
Rudd, Henry Booth1841 to 1910
Rue, Ernest F.1877 to 1963
Ruggles, Alan Ward1920 to 1953
Ruggles, Harriet Louise (McKay)1883 to 1963
Ruiz, Richard1946 to 2021
Russell, Catherine Louisedied 1951
Russell, Daniel1976 to 1976
Russo, Claire F (Durkin) (PDF)1928 to 2021
Russo,  Richard Henry
1928 to 2023
Ryan Daniel Davis2005 to 2005
Ryan, Edwin L.1903 to 1965
Ryan, Grace Marion1905 to 1984
Ryan, Mae Arlene (Parker) (PDF)
1919 to 1995