LaFerriere, Alyce P.died 1994
Lally, Hannah Foley1910 to 1992
Lally, Michael1907 to 1993
Lamb, Harriet Louisadied 1837
Lamb, Louisa Barton1856 to 1858
Lamb, Lydia Crane (Vose)1810 to 1871
Lamphear, Baby Girl1961 to 1961
Lamport, Eleanor L.1923 to 1989
Lamport, Leonard Willis1922 to 1981
Landanno, Pasquale Clement1921 to 1991
Landers, Albert E (PDF)1930 to 2019
Landers, Muriel F. (Flight) (PDF)1921 to 2020
Landini, Andrew Humbert (PDF)1902 to 1986
Landini, Sylvia (Priest) (PDF)1908 to 2001
Lane, Rev. Saurin Eliot (PDF)1818 to 1904
Lane, wifeN/A
Langevin, Joseph Lioneldied 1972
Langevin, Sadie Florencedied 1973
Lapham, Sally (Randall)1777 to 1863
Lapham, William Deacon1779 to 1854
LaPierre, Edna May (Wright)1905 to 1968
Lapierre, Patricia Louise (Johnson) (PDF)1935 to 2004
LaPierre, Ralph Frank1897 to 1970
LaPierre, Robert William (PDF)1933 to 2006
LaPietro, Mary (Rivetts)1914 to 1991
LaPietro, Patrick Pasquale (PDF)1905 to 1993
LaPoint, Louis F.died 1821
LaPoint, Harriet Wheeler (Whitcomb)died 1862
LaPorte, David Joseph1903 to 1989
LaPorte, Dorothy Ida1907 to 1990
Larkin, Priscilla Louise1932 to 2008
Larson, Elizabethdied 1989
Lavertue, Arthur Johndied 1977
Lavertue, Mary Leda (PDF)died 1998
Lawrence, Albert Otis1847 to 1932
Lawrence, Anna G.1845 to 1874
Lawrence, Charles Merriam (PDF)1831 to 1906
Lawrence, Emma L.N/A
Lawrence, Esther L. (Kyte) (PDF)1911 to 2005
Lawrence, Faustina A. (Marshall)1850 to 1934
Lawrence, George1800 to 1848
Lawrence, Grace E1843 to 1928
Lawrence, Henry1803 to 1873
Lawrence, Henry Abbot1843 to 1896
Lawrence, John P.N/A
Lawrence, Lovey Adams1832 to 1842
Lawrence, Martha A.1825 to 1826
Lawrence, Martha Caroline1840 to 1873
Lawrence, Mary F. (Abbott)1805 to 1874
Lawrence, Rebecca1800 to 1889
Lawrence, Sarah Sophia1844 to 1916
Lawrence, Walter William1912 to 1990
Laws, Catherine1815 to 1883
Laws, Joseph1815 to 1883
Leachman, Sean Michael (PDF)1970 to 1994
Leahy, Betty Ann (Rapp)1930 to 1992
Leahy, John W1932 to 2011
Leahy, Mary E (Fougstedt) (Crory) (PDF)1932 to 2008
Leahy, William Edwin1903 to 1947
Leal, Alice Edied 1991
Leal, Kyrsten Skye (PDF)1990 to 2004
Leander, Ronald D.to 2015
Learmonth, Anne Marie (Connelly) (PDF)1906 to 1993
Learmonth, Marcia (Travis) (PDF)1938 to 2009
Learmonth, Robert Bruce, Jr. (PDF)1931 to 2013
Learmonth, Robert Bruce III1961 to 2007
Learmonth, Robert Clouston (PDF)1904 to 1989
Leavitt, Harry E1889 to 1966
Leavitt, Lena H.1889 to 1966
LeBlanc, Edna Marion (Poirier) (PDF)died 2013
LeBlanc, Gordon J. (PDF)1925 to 2006
LeBlanc, Joseph Placido1896 to 1973
LeBlanc, Luke (PDF)1979 to 2012
LeClaire, Louisdied 1862
LeClaire, Steven Donald (PDF)1959 to 2005
Ledger, Nelliedied 1945
Lee, Elizabeth Donaldson (Bennett) (PDF)1924 to 2013
Leighton, Anita Mary (Julian) (PDF)1922 to 2004
Leighton, Arnold Chase1909 to 1975
Leighton, Arnold Joseph1956 to 1974
Leighton, Donald Fritz1911 to 1977
Leighton, Dorothy Frances (Gray) (PDF)1912 to 1993
Leighton, Gladys Irene (Woodbury)1895 to 1935
Leighton, Helen Margaret (Lawton)1912 to 1977
Leighton, Jennie1876 to 1965
Leighton, Richard Lawrence1944 to 1996
Lelievre, Raymond Joseph1956 to 2023
Lemond, Janice D.died 1981
Lendrom, George1858 to 1895
Lento, Kathleen (Hayes) (PDF)1950 to 2019
Lento, Marie Pitari (PDF)1916 to 2001
Lentz, Charles K. (PDF)1976 to 2005
LePage, Robert Lucien1993 to 1993
Lester, Frank Andrew (PDF)1918 to 2001
Lester, Lois C.1926 to 1999
Letalien, Arthur1917 to 1989
Letalien, Lillian E (Ewing) (PDF)1924 to 2007
Levendusky, Phylis Mary (PDF)1922 to 1989
Lewis, Glenda L. (Wilkins) (Webber)1935 to 2023
Lewis, Loretta (Butler) (PDF)1930 to 2013
Lewis, Thaddeus Walter (PDF)1937 to 2001
Libbey, Perley Wellington1881 to 1965
Libbey, Vera (Hall)1880 to 1965
Lilja, Dolkadied 1992
Lilja, Edwin Sr. (PDF)1922 to 2003
Lindgren, Elina1901 to 1994
Lindgren, Kusti Jalmari1891 to 1961
Lindquist, Carl G.1913 to 1983
Lindquist, Grace (Van Dam) (PDF)1919 to 2017
Lingham, Charlotte Proctor1930 to 1937
Lingham, Clarence H.1872 to 1950
Lingham, Dorothy, Carolyn1907 to 2007
Lingham, Edith R.1874 to 1952
Lingham, Marian R.1906 to 1979
Lingham, Marjorie Proctor (PDF)1900 to 1998
Lingham, Philip Marston1908 to 1991
Lingham, Robert Marston (PDF)1900 to 2001
Litchfield, Doris (Powderly) (PDF)1916 to 2003
Litchfield, Edith Louise (Furbush)1884 to 1954
Litchfield, Herbert Royal1916 to 1992
Litchfield, Philip1878 to 1964
Littig, Scott Allan1979 to 1979
Littlefield, Ethel F.1894 to 1964
Littlefield, John Putnam (PDF)1935 to 2006
Littlefield, Ralph F.1896 to 1964
Lizotte, Paul J.1942 to 1997
Lodi, Humbert A. (PDF)1927 to 2005
Lohnes, Albert E1908 to 1995
Lohnes, Barbara L.died 1995
Lohnes, Maida Isabelle1917 to 1917
Lomas, Arabella Drewdied 1916
Long, Clyde Boyer1917 to 1994
Long, David Warren (PDF)1970 to 2023
Long, Frances Bradford (Lincoln)died 1973
Long, James R.1879 to 1943
Longly, Johndied 1821
Loomer, Burton A.1901 to 1963
Loomer, Dorris Goddard1901 to 1963
Lord, Ethel1919 to 1991
Loring, Addie M.1858 to 1930
Loring, Charlotte A.1899 to 1987
Loring, George C.1888 to 1956
Loring, George E1924 to 1995
Loring, June Marie (PDF)1938 to 2003
Loring, Paul E (PDF)1952 to 2019
Loring, Philomena (Leone)1931 to 2023
Love, Annie Albina (Lawson)1867 to 1957
Love, G. Gordon1901 to 1975
Love, Gordon G. Jr.died 1995
Love, Helen Beecher (PDF)1894 to 1987
Love, Nathaniel1886 to 1966
Love, Virginia M.died 1997
Love, West Franklin1860 to 1915
Lovejoy, Charlotte Frances (Pickard)1903 to 1959
Lovejoy, Charlotte Sanderson1897 to 1994
Lovejoy, Ellen Maria (Whitcomb)1859 to 1941
Lovejoy, George Montgomery1857 to 1926
Lovejoy, Joseph Lenehan1900 to 1986
Lovejoy, Joyce Estelle (Conant) (PDF)1936 to 2020
Lovejoy, Julian1897 to 1996
Lovejoy, Peter Whitcomb1887 to 1888
Lovejoy, Peter Whitcomb, Rev.1935 to 2023
Lovelace, Mary (Bellevue) (PDF)1925 to 1999
Lovelace, Zenas A. (PDF)1920 to 1998
Lovell, Carroll M. (PDF)1925 to 1995
Lovell, Helen (Montgomery)1903 to 1967
Lovell, Leatrice Rombach (Rodriguez) (PDF)1930 to 2022
Lowell, Carrie F.1865 to 1965
Lowell, Fred W1857 to 1928
Lowry, Alexanderdied 1959
Ludwig, Suzanne (PDF)1934 to 2017
Lukas, Jean1925 to 1984
Lund, Aaron1890 to 1970
Lund, Bertha Amelia (Lawhorn) (PDF)1926 to 1997
Lund, Edward Joseph (PDF)1922 to 2001
Lund, Ernest Walter Sr. (PDF)1921 to 2000
Lund, Hilda Louise Adams Doucette1922 to 1993
Lund, Myra P.1898 to 1930
Lurvey, Barbara L.to 2015
Lurvey, Mark D. (PDF)1922 to 2010
Lurvey, Ralph Eugene1927 to 1992
Ly, Vannarin S (PDF)1979 to 2018
Lydon, Martin Francis1899 to 1986
Lynch, Robert Edward (PDF)1939 to 1995
Lynn, Everett1896 to 1992
Lyon, Constance D. (Ross) (PDF)1912 to 1985
Lyons, Harold Edied 1968
Lyons, Helen Evelyn (Fellows) (PDF)1910 to 1987
Lyons, Joanne E (Wright) (PDF)1940 to 2007
Lyons, John S Sr. (PDF)1937 to 2006
Lyons, John Stephen III (PDF)1966 to 2020
Lyons, William W1940 to 1997