Dadman, Loammi1798 to 1818
Daland, Oliver F1801 to 1873
Daland, UnknownN/A
Dallaire, David Joseph1959 to 1982
Dallaire, Gerard J. "Jerry" (PDF)1925 to 2021
Dallaire, Rita (Arsenault) (PDF)1925 to 2015
Daniels, Beatrice Margarite1922 to 1980
Daniels, Harold Joseph1919 to 1995
Daniels, Robert A.died 1979
Daniels, Zelda Irene (Barteaux)1917 to 2001
Daniels, Zelda K.died 2001
Dary, Erol Gay1893 to 1939
Dary, Olive Flagg1895 to 1961
Dattoli, Eleanor Marie (Day) (PDF)1932 to 2013
Dattoli, John S1951 to 1973
Davidson, Dorothy1911 to 1992
Davidson, Elizabeth Agnes1901 to 1981
Davidson, James A.1833 to 1834
Davidson, May T.1871 to 1902
Davidson, Vera C. (White) (PDF)1906 to 2000
Davies, Elizabeth E1856 to 1915
Davies, Rita1919 to 1999
Davies, Susan (McDowell)1880 to 1968
Davies, William1856 to 1938
Davies, William John1919 to 1981
Davies, William Johndied 2012
Davis, Alice C.died 1998
Davis, Allan Reed (PDF)1882 to 1900
Davis, Anastacia Mary1916 to 1985
Davis, Angelina Sawyer1830 to 1854
Davis, Asenatha (Jewett)1793 to 1881
Davis, Chester A.N/A
Davis, Edna May (Whitcomb)1860 to 1946
Davis, Eli1787 to 1870
Davis, Eli Francis1822 to 1897
Davis, Florence M. (Phalon)1917 to 1977
Davis, George Edied 1988
Davis, George E Jr.died 1987
Davis, George S1855 to 1856
Davis, Hattie M.1853 to 1870
Davis, Julia Ann1833 to 1912
Davis, Julia Ann1883 to 1912
Davis, Kenneth R. Jr. (PDF)1937 to 2003
Davis, Kevin P. (PDF)1971 to 2021
Davis, Mary A.1826 to 1826
Davis, Mary Relief1815 to 1818
Davis, Mary T.died 1848
Davis, Olga M. (Delamater)1915 to 2001
Davis, Oliver T.1762 to 1841
Davis, Oliver T.1820 to 1870
Davis, Oliver T.1814 to 1818
Davis, Patriciadied 1973
Davis, Robert1860 to 1862
Davis, Robert L.1822 to 1892
Davis, Russell G. (PDF)1934 to 2008
Davis, Sumner Adams1828 to 1829
Davis, Unknown Maledied 1858
Davis, Warren Joseph Sr. (PDF)1902 to 1995
Davis, William Hubbard1856 to 1935
Davis, William Jerome1817 to 1894
Daw, Grace Daw1892 to 1894
Dawson, Fanny F.1866 to 1955
Day, Flora (Crane)1884 to 1952
Day, Gladys1904 to 1933
Day, John H. Capt.1884 to 1942
Day, Sadie (Mansfield)1906 to 1987
Day, William F.1904 to 1997
Dealy, Cynthia A. "Sandy" (Lees) (PDF)1948 to 2012
Deane, Asael William1886 to 1968
Deane, Carriedied 1878
Deane, Leola E (Barteaux)1894 to 1946
Dearness, Roseanna Elspeth (PDF)1909 to 2000
Dearness, Roseanne "Roma" M. (PDF)1933 to 2021
DeBenedictes, Donald E1959 to 1959
DeBenedictis, Edward Salvatore (PDF)1913 to 2005
DeBenedictis, Laura (Souza) (PDF)1919 to 2009
DeBenedictis, Michelle Jeannine (Lemieux) (PDF)1959 to 2007
DeCamillis, Frank J. Sr.1926 to 1990
DeCamillis, Mary Gloria (Costa) (PDF)1923 to 2012
DeCoste, Maureen Anne (Murphy) (PDF)1967 to 2021
Delameter, Roscoe C.1914 to 1958
Delbouno, Ralph A. (PDF)1920 to 1988
Delbouno, Margaret (O'Malley) (PDF)1923 to 2008
Demetrick, John Jr. (PDF)1934 to 2018
DeMolina, Josephina1915 to 1996
Dente, Maria Sotodied 1990
Derby, Helen L.1911 to 1931
Derby, Irene (PDF)1817 to 1900
Derby, Lilla Etta (Flagg)1870 to 1921
Derome, Doris Elaine (Charron) (PDF)1912 to 2006
Derome, Joseph Wilfred (PDF)1905 to 1999
DeSilvio, Samuel (PDF)1914 to 2011
DeSilvio, Viola (LaPierre) (PDF)1917 to 2010
Devitt, Lillian F.died 1979
DeVogel, Eleanor1922 to 1975
DeVogel, Hendrick "Dutch" (PDF)1927 to 1986
DeVogel, Hendrick, Jr. (PDF)1963 to 2013
DeVries, Charles E1953 to 1958
DeVries, William Gary1950 to 1979
Dewey, George William (PDF)1920 to 2006
Dewey, Louise (Cheverie) (PDF)1922 to 2008
Dimitruk, Louis (PDF)died 1998
Dimitruk, Mary Anne (Puckarski) (PDF)1917 to 2002
DiMuzio, Rosedied 1975
DiNapoli, Dorothy (MacMillen) (PDF)1903 to 1993
DiNapoli, Orasio1891 to 1972
Dinoia, Peter2012 to 2012
Diodato, Anna Elizabeth (Cantino)1925 to 2022
Diodato, Dominic1926 to 1997
Dix, Emma C. (Taylor)1850 to 1914
Dix, Jacob Morton (PDF)1841 to 1905
Dixon, Alfred1874 to 1940
Dixon, Edna Isabella Sarahdied 1994
Dixon, Harold Edward (PDF)1903 to 1993
Dixon, Hazeldied 1912
Dixon, Ida May (Felch)1882 to 1953
Dixon, IreneN/A
Dixon, Pauline E (Pickard)1918 to 2006
Dixon, Warren E1907 to 1981
Dodds, Beatrice (Blood) (PDF)1910 to 2004
Dodds, Ethel Davis (Wright)1883 to 1939
Dodds, Flora (Merrill, Kimball)1876 to 1959
Dodds, James William1884 to 1977
Dodds, Richard Wright1907 to 1981
Dodds, Sarah (Lord)1847 to 1922
Dodds, William (PDF)1848 to 1922
Dodge, Albert D. (PDF)1924 to 2013
Dodge, Barnabas (PDF)1795 to 1873
Dodge, Carl Austin1884 to 1980
Dodge, Edwin Herbert1842 to 1868
Dodge, Ellen May Houghton1884 to 1939
Dodge, Emma Ann (PDF)1846 to 1893
Dodge, Esther Ann1823 to 1845
Dodge, Esther StanleyN/A
Dodge, Francis Warren1838 to 1921
Dodge, Hannah M.1893 to 1964
Dodge, Hannah Perkins (PDF)1821 to 1896
Dodge, Helen Josephine1890 to 1934
Dodge, Isaac1802 to 1863
Dodge, Jesse Francis1856 to 1943
Dodge, Johndied 1831
Dodge, Joseph Corning1833 to 1915
Dodge, KilSoo (Mary)1924 to 2004
Dodge, Lucy Brigden1858 to 1916
Dodge, Lucy Burnham1873 to 1938
Dodge, Marjorie B. (PDF)1897 to 1985
Dodge, R. Barnibus1932 to 1932
Dodge, Richard Stanley1895 to 1971
Dodge, Russell Kennison1909 to 1982
Dodge, Ruth Frances (Carkin)1913 to 1995
Dodge, Ruth Hazel (Wright)1896 to 1975
Dodge, Sarah (Farwell)1811 to 1865
Dodge, Sarah C. (Corning)1800 to 1888
Dodge, William1808 to 1877
Dodge, Mary Elizabeth (Howe) born1860
Dodson, Marsha L. (Barbera) (PDF)1947 to 2020
Dodson, Rebekah Lynne (PDF)1982 to 2019
Doherty, Daniel F.1903 to 1970
Doherty, David Henry Sr.1919 to 1975
Doherty, Debra Ann (Goguen) (PDF)1959 to 2013
Doherty, Helen (Coleman) (PDF)1908 to 1999
Doherty, John Josephdied 1994
Doherty, Mary R.1823 to 1997
Doherty, Owen1930 to 1975
Doherty, Paul Francis1931 to 1989
Doiron, Charles Clifford (PDF)1930 to 2021
Doiron, Edward Paul (PDF)1926 to 1998
Doiron, Theresa M. (Lydon) (PDF)1929 to 2018
Dolan, Ella Ruthdied 1937
Donelan, John Edward (PDF)1918 to 2005
Donelan, Mary (McCann) (PDF)1918 to 2011
Dong, Barbara Elizabeth (Gendron) (PDF)1930 to 2015
Dong, Jindied 1996
Dorson, Gertrude Lester Fallondied 1997
Dostie, Francis (PDF)1910 to 1999
Dostie, Marguerite1916 to 1996
Doucette, Caron N (PDF)1945 to 1994
Dove, Frances Kimball1896 to 1971
Dove, Paul Meyers1896 to 1960
Dowd, Esther Lillian (Dowd) (PDF)1896 to 1993
Dowd, Howard Matthew1894 to 1964
Downey, Marsha L (PDF)1958 to 2019
Downs, Floradied 1965
Doyle, Edward Francis III (PDF)1937 to 2021
Doyle, Jared Christopher (PDF)1984 to 2020
Doyle, Jill M. (PDF)1978 to 2003
Doyle, Mary Freeman (Landini) (PDF)1939 to 2021
Drainville, Hector Albert1922 to 2004
Dressel, Joyce Ann (Williams)1947 to 2023
Drew, Mary Jane (Warren)1854 to 1928
Drew, Arthur Wakefield1856 to 1941
Drew, Curtis Warren1878 to 1957
Drew, Eva May1893 to 1894
Drew, Gertrude Silsby (Osborn)1877 to 1968
Drew, Susan M. (PDF)died 1899
Drury, Dana Warren MD1881 to 1963
Drury, Margaret E (Thacher) (PDF)1888 to 1982
DuBeau, Kenneth J.died 1968
Dubeau, Rosemary (Drummond) (PDF)1922 to 2001
Dudley, Gladys Lowry (Jahiel) (PDF)1907 to 1987
Duffy, Albert1896 to 1968
Duffy, Albert Woodworth1932 to 1988
Duffy, Dorothy1945 to 2023
Duffy, Genevieve (Findle) (PDF)1920 to 2004
Duffy, Joanna (Cameron)1887 to 1976
Duffy, John Leonard (PDF)1921 to 2001
Duffy, Kenneth (PDF)1918 to 2010
Duffy, Lawrence John (PDF)1902 to 1986
Duffy, Ruth Vera (Eisner)1903 to 1988
Dufour, George E (PDF)1942 to 2004
Dufour, Marie Louise (Simmons)died 1981
Duke, Kathleen Ann (PDF)died 2014
Duke, William Michaeldied 2015
Dumas, Catherine Francine (Priest)1958 to 2023
Dunbury, Mark Henrydied 1994
Danbury, Marlene Meredith (Swanson) (PDF)1933 to 2017
Dunbury, Paul Edied 1992
Dunn, Irving Theron (PDF)died 1994
Dunn, Virginia May (Locke) (PDF)1917 to 1995
Dunn, William1971 to 1971
Dunn, William James (PDF)1937 to 1994
DuPont, Frances E1911 to 2007
DuPont, Paul A.1910 to 1985
Durant, Hannah Sdied 1846
Dureault, Corinne (Lawctut)1905 to 1993
Durgin, Arthur1877 to 1954
Durgin, Mabel Agusta (Jewett)1882 to 1957
Durkee, Agnes Elizabeth (PDF)1918 to 2007
Durkee, Alma Catherine (Reynolds)1863 to 1935
Durkee, Brenda (Martens)1945 to 2012
Durkee, Charles W1855 to 1932
Durkee, George Curtis1826 to 1918
Durkee, George Noble1858 to 1930
Durkee, Nancy Loretta (Cole)1828 to 1890
Durkee, Peter Brent (PDF)1947 to 2012
Durkee, Sarah E1865 to 1940
Durkee, Sidney P. (PDF)1918 to 2012
Dusti, Henry V.1922 to 1983
Dusti-Corliss, Hilda (PDF)1925 to 2017
Dutcher, Douglas Jr. (PDF)1935 to 2010
Dutcher, Jason Derek1972 to 1974
Dutcher, Marjorie Ann (PDF)1936 to 2011
Dutting, Robert Elliot1924 to 1965
Dwinell, Alanson C.died 1936
Dwinell, Eldon A.died 1935
Dwinell, FlorenceN/A
Dwinell, Hannahdied 1929
Dwinell, Ira A.N/A
Dwinell, Ira A.died 1883
Dwinell, Margaret Edied 1941
Dwinell, Martha Edied 1894
Dwyar, George Wendell1908 to 1992
Dwyar, Ruth G. (Connell)1908 to 1964
Dwyer, James (PDF)1980 to 2017
Dynice, BabyN/A