Westlawn Cemetery Regulations

May 1999 Revision

  • All burials and removals in the Town Cemeteries shall be conducted under the supervision of the Superintendent.
  • The Superintendent will, upon application, furnish to persons who desire to purchase lots or individual rights of burial, information relative to the cost of the same and other conditions upon which interments may be made.
  • All internments, except ashes, shall be made in a concrete container.
  • Every monument, headstone, or memorial structure must have a foundation. All foundations must be laid and built under the direction of the Superintendent and must comply with the specifications detailed by the Cemetery Commissioners. Copies of the requirements may be had upon request.
  • Only monuments that are in keeping with the other monuments in the section in which they are to be erected will be allowed. Designs, locations and materials of all markers or other structures must be submitted to the Superintendent for approval. This should be done before contracts are signed or orders placed.
  • No monument or headstone shall be constructed of any material other than granite or natural stone. No artificial material will be permitted. The dimensions for natural stones will be:
    • On two and four grave lots: 36 inches wide, 24 inches deep and 36 inches high
    • On single grave lots: 24 inches wide, 24 inches deep, 36 inches high
    • (Height dimension denotes total inches above grade level)
    • Monuments are only permitted on those single and two grave lots that are sold with that provision written into the deed. Monuments are only allowed in designated monument sections. Only flat stones are permitted in the flat stone sections.
    • In all cases, the suitability of the shape, color, structure and general appearance of the stone will be subject to the review of the Cemetery Commissioners, thus ensuring a harmonious blend into the cemetery as a whole.
  • In monument sections, monuments and headstones are allowed on four- and two-grave burial lots (and some selected one-grave lots). Only one monument above grade is allowed on a lot and monuments are not allowed on lots already containing headstones, unless the existing headstone is removed. If headstones are removed, the data on them must be inscribed on the monument to be erected in its place.
  • Grave markers must be set flush with the grade and not be over three feet in length for a two- or four-grave lot by one foot in width. On a single grave lot in a monument section, the grave marker must not be over two feet in length and one foot in width. "Marker" shall mean a stone intended to indicate the location of a particular grave.
  • All work to be done by people not employed by the Cemetery Department must be submitted to the Superintendent for approval before commencing, and approval of the work must be obtained when the work is finished.
  • Immediately upon completion of any work on lots, all surplus materials must be removed by those doing the work. Avenues or lots other than the ones upon which the work is being done must be kept clear at all times.
  • No materials of any kind will be provided by the Cemetery Department to outside parties without charge.
  • Curbings, corner posts, buttresses, wooden structures, and similar such structures, are not allowed.
  • Mounds over graves and stones or other enclosures around graves or lots are not permitted. No iron or wire work will be allowed except iron vases, and when any articles of iron begins to rust, it will be removed.
  • Cans and similar articles on lots are inconsistent with the proper keeping of the grounds and will be removed.
  • Floral frames or baskets will not be kept over one week from the day of interment. If baskets are desired by the family, the Superintendent should be notified.
  • No artificial flowers will be allowed in the Cemetery between April 1st and November 1st. (Funeral pieces are exempted) Lot owners are asked to limit the number of baskets, flower pots, and articles of a similar nature, placed on a lot. The Commissioners will not be responsible for turf on lots destroyed by such articles. The Superintendent shall remove articles that have deteriorated and hold such articles for a reasonable length of time.
  • In the monument section, permission must be obtained from the Superintendent for cutting in of flower beds or otherwise destroying the turf. Cutting of turf shall be contained to the front of the monument or headstone. The cutting shall not exceed the width of the headstone or monument, and twelve inches out from the base of the monument or headstone. No turf may be disturbed at the back of the monument or headstones. If permission should be given, it is with the understanding that flower beds will be kept weeded and cared for. While the employees of the Cemetery Department will take reasonable care when mowing, the Department will not be responsible for accidental damage to plants on lots. Unless vases or flower pots are filled with plants each season, it will be necessary for the Superintendent to remove vases and sod over flower beds that are not maintained annually.
  • In the flat stone section, one- and two-grave burial lots may only be marked with flat stone or granite markers. No section of the Cemetery designated as a "flat section" shall have a monument or stone or granite marker of any kind placed above ground. Each internment may be identified by a marker of bronze, or Barre type granite, of approved size and design indicating the location of the burial lot. No planting or disturbance of the turf will be permitted. Baskets, potted plants and flowers will be allowed on the burial plot only during Memorial Day Season. Such articles will be removed fourteen days after Memorial Day.
  • No flag holders or organizational emblems to mark individual graves are allowed except for Veterans. Flush government markers giving the Veteran's record are acceptable. Non-veteran organization membership should be shown on flush markers, if desired.
  • Any trespass, vandalism, or other illegal act will subject the offender to action or arrest and prosecution in court.
  • All persons are forbidden to gather flowers, either wild or cultivated, or break or remove any tree, shrub, plant or part thereof in the Cemetery.
  • Burial lots needing improvement may be improved at the expense of the lot owners or their legal representatives if they can be found - otherwise at reasonable cost to the Town.
  • Lots and burial rights may not be sold by the owners, their heirs or assigns. They must revert to the Town through the Commissioners who will refund the original price, provided that no burials have been made in the lot. Rights for interment may be transferred or granted only upon approval of the Commissioners.
  • All art transfer work called "rubbings" are prohibited except under the direct and continuous supervision of the Superintendent.
  • The owner of rights of burial in a lot may establish a trust fund to provide flowers at specific times. The money paid to establish this trust will be put into the Perpetual Care Fund account through the Town Treasurer and proper records kept by the Superintendent as to the dates and kind of flowers and other pertinent data as required by the donor.
  • All money due on a lot including the opening fee shall be paid to the Commissioners before opening a grave.
  • The Superintendent is empowered, authorized and required by the Commissioners to enforce these rules and regulations and any additions or changes thereto as may later occur.
  • Bronze-faced niches. Only the following may be inscribed on a bronze-faced niche. The deceased's name, date of birth and date of death. The inscription shall use a font style known as Gaudy Regular in 3/4 Prime size.
  • Glass-faced niches: In a glass-faced niche, only the following may be inscribed on a self-standing plaque or on the urn itself - The deceased's name, date of birth and date of death. The inscription shall use a font style known as Gaudy Regular in 18-point size. The plaque must be constructed of one of the following materials: metal, glass or wood.
  • Urns to be placed in niches. Human ashes shall be in containers specifically designed for that purpose. No paper or cardboard shall be allowed. Containers used in the double-size glass niches shall be of a size that is appropriate for the niche.
  • Ashes interment in burial lots. No more than six sets of human ashes shall be interred in a single grave lot. No more than three flat markers shall be allowed.
  • Decorations requiring permission. Urns, boxes, markers, ornaments or memorials of permanent nature shall be placed upon the graves or lots only with the approval of the Cemetery Superintendent.

As approved at the Town Meeting of May 3rd, 1999, Article XX amending the Code of the Town of Littleton, adopted May 6th, 1985, Section 72, amended September 18, 1995, Article 15 to the Littleton Cemetery Regulations.


Littleton Cemetery Commissioners
Andrew Sammarco
Ivan Pagacik
Caroline Mueller