Clean Lakes Committee (CLC)

Clean Lakes Committee Mission

The Clean Lakes Committee mission is to assess conditions and coordinate improvements to Littleton’s lakes and ponds, by providing a forum which brings together town committee representatives and concerned citizens with representatives from neighborhood associations on Long Lake, Mill Pond, Spectacle Pond and Lake Matawanakee to plan and implement necessary actions to help restore and preserve water bodies, streams and wetlands in the Town of Littleton. As circumstances dictate, the Committee shall coordinate its activities with the Board of Selectmen, Board of Water Commissioners, Conservation Commission, Board of Health, and Planning Board or their representatives. 

The Committee shall consist of one member and one alternate from each of the neighborhood associations on Long Lake, Mill Pond, Spectacle Pond, and Lake Matawanakee, each nominated by their respective neighborhood association; and three citizens at large. All appointments shall be made by the Board of Selectmen for three-year overlapping terms so arranged that the term of at least two members shall expire each year.


The Mill Pond Sub-Committee of the Littleton Clean Lakes Committee was formed to assess the status of the Mill Pond Restoration Project, and prepare recommendations going forward.

The Mill Pond Sub-Committee was created by the Clean Lakes Committee at their meeting of January 5, 2021.  The members of the Sub-Committee are:  Jon Folsom, Mike Proulx, Mit Wanzer, Leon Weaver and Matt Silverman.

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    Physical Address
    37 Shattuck Street
    2nd Floor, Room 207
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    Fax: 978-540-2401


Name Position Description Term Expiration
John Folsom Chair Long Lake 6/30/2024
Lisa R Winter   Citizen-at-large (SB) 6/30/2025
Luigi Iacoviello   Mill Pond Alternate 6/30/2024
Charles Bush   Lake Mattawanakee 6/30/2024
Edward T Collins   Citizen-at-large (SB) 6/30/2025
Timothy E Wanzer   Mill Pond 6/30/2025
Leon Weaver   Spectacle Pond 6/30/2024
Cammy Bean   Long Lake Alternate 6/30/2025
David T Barr   Citizen-at-large (SB) 6/30/2024
Vacant Position Alternate Spectacle Pond Alternate 6/30/2026
Stephen C Hadden Alternate Lake Mattawanakee Alternate 6/30/2023
Corey Godfrey Ex-officio Ex-officio (LELWD) No Expiration Date
Karen Morrison   SB Non-Voting Liaison 6/30/2024
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2022-Current Minutes & Agendas

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