Disability Commission

Five (5) members for staggered three year terms. [History: 9/14/1992 STM Art. 12 had accepted MGL C. 40,s.8J, and established Commission membership at five (5). 5/4/1993 ATM Art. 17 increased membership from five (5) to nine (9). 5/5/2003 ATM Art. 24 reduced membership from nine (9) to five (5).]


The Town of Littleton Commission on Disability (COD), works to ensure the full and equal participation of all people with disabilities in all aspects of life by working to advance legal rights, maximum opportunities, supportive services, accommodations and accessibility in a manner that fosters dignity and self-determination.

Advise and assist local officials with compliance to federal and state disability laws.  Assist local disability advocates with Technical Assistance, advocacy and disability related matters.  Review projects that may come before the Planning Board, Town Meeting, Board of Selectmen, etc.  Assist the municipality with ensuring the Self-Evaluation meets the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Assist municipality with implementation and upkeep of their Transition Plan; keep abreast of applicable laws and regulations.

The Commission of Disability shall be a voice to let developers know that they have an obligation to comply with Disability Laws and regulations; shall always represent the interest of Persons with Disabilities (PWD), at certain times that PWD's may need assistance to express their views; the Town of Littleton Commission on Disability shall always act on behalf of Taxpayers who expect and deserve equal protection under the law.
Statutory reference: MGL Chapter 40, section 8J

MGL Chapter 40, Section 8J, accepted by vote of the September 14, 1992 Special Town Meeting, provides as follows:

Disability commission; powers and duties; members; terms

Section 8J. A . . . town which accepts the provisions of this section at an annual or special town meeting, may establish a commission on disability, hereinafter called the commission, to cause the full integration and participation of people with disabilities in such city or town. Such commission shall (1) research local problems of people with disabilities; (2) advise and assist municipal officials and employees in ensuring compliance with state and federal laws and regulations that affect people with disabilities; (3) coordinate or carry out programs designed to meet the problems of people with disabilities in coordination with programs of the Massachusetts office on disability; (4) review and make recommendations about policies, procedures, services, activities and facilities of departments, boards and agencies of said city or town as they affect people with disabilities; (5) provide information, referrals, guidance and technical assistance to individuals, public agencies, businesses and organizations in all matters pertaining to disability; (6) coordinate activities of other local groups organized for similar purposes.

Said commission shall keep records of its meetings and actions and shall file an annual report which shall be printed in the . . . town annual report and shall have at least ten meetings annually.

Said commission shall consist of not less than 5 and not more than 13 members. In . . . towns they shall be appointed by the selectmen . . . A majority of said commission members shall consist of people with disabilities, one member shall be a member of the immediate family of a person with a disability and one member of said commission shall be either an elected or appointed official of that city or town. The terms of the first members of said commission shall be for one, two or three years, and so arranged that the term of one-third of the members expires each year, and their successor shall be appointed for terms of three years each. Any member of said commission may, after a public hearing, if so requested, be removed for cause by the appointing authority. A vacancy occurring otherwise than by expiration of a term shall be filled for the unexpired term in the same manner as an original appointment. The chairperson and other officers shall be chosen by a majority vote of said commission members.

Said commission may receive gifts of property, both real and personal, in the name of the city or town, subject to the approval of the . . . board of selectmen in a town, such gifts to be managed and controlled by said commission for the purposes of this section.

  1. Town Clerk

    Physical Address
    37 Shattuck Street
    2nd Floor, Room 207
    Littleton, MA 01460

    Fax: 978-540-2401

Name Position Description Term Expiration
Diane Crory Chair Elected or Appointed Official 6/30/2025
George A Sanders, SR Vice Chair SB Appointee 6/30/2026
Luigi Iacoviello   SB Appointee 6/30/2024
Gary C Wilson   Family Member 6/30/2026
Erich Manser   SB Appointee 6/30/2025
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